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Integrated fixed & mobile telecom expense management

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Comview provides TEM (telecom expense management) software with integrated WMM (wireless mobility management) and call accounting solutions for enterprise organizations. The platform enables users to manage all telecom usage and assets from a single, centralized interface, and includes features for invoice management, procurement, audit and optimization, IT asset management, and more.

Comview’s invoice management solution consolidates carrier invoicing from various sources and formats, into a single database. The system assumes time-consuming tasks such as inventory building, loading of invoices, coding for allocation, approval processes, and more. Comprehensive audits and extensive reporting capabilities provide visibility into spend and usage across the organization.

Wireless expense management features include inventory and usage monitoring, billing error analysis, rate plan optimization and implementation, contract compliance, automated charge-backs, and more. Audit and optimization features help to identify potential problem areas and recover incorrect billing payments. Procurement and order management options include a self-service portal which allows employees to order devices / services from an approved catalog.

Comview’s call accounting module provides the data and tools for reporting on multiple types of usage, as well as average call duration, least cost routing, system efficiency, and VoIP bandwidth utilization. Asset management features help enterprises keep tabs on hardware assets and IT software in real time, including license compliance, product standardization, cost containment, and more.

Comview Pricing

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Key Features of Comview

  • Telecom expense management
  • Wireless expense management
  • Call accounting
  • Invoice management
  • Mobility management
  • Procurement
  • Telecom audit & optimization
  • IT asset management
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Automate and streamline manual processes
  • Spend and usage visibility
  • Accurate inventory
  • Budgeting
  • Identify & resolve billing errors
  • Asset management
  • Real-time data
  • Report customization
  • Integrated TEM platform
  • By-extension reporting
  • Inbound reporting
  • Outbound reporting
  • Talk time tracking
  • Unattended call management
  • Who answered log
  • Analyze usage data and inventory

Comview Screenshots (7)

Comview screenshot: Dashboards, reports, and BI tools for control and future planningComview screenshot: The platform provides visibility and transparency into devicesComview screenshot: View vendor charges by category with visual graphicsComview screenshot: Track savings with visual reportsComview screenshot: See expense information from all carriersComview screenshot: Comview provides a comprehensive savings analysisComview screenshot: View various detailed expense management reports


Intended Users
Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business
Devices Supported
Supported Countries
Canada, United States
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Comview helps enterprise organizations simplify the process of managing fixed and mobile telecom by automating and streamlining manual processes.

Invoice management features help ensure accurate and timely payment for a large number of monthly telecom invoices from multiple carriers, and in different formats.

Comview collects invoice and usage data from each mobile carrier, and presents the information in a consistent view for efficient wireless expense management.

Enterprises can quickly identify high/low/zero usage devices, and scan incoming mobile carrier data for billing errors and contract compliance.

Comview enables users to track calls and usage for legal and HR purposes, as well as monitor system efficiency, allocating charge-backs, and more.