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Online meetings finally made awesome!

4.67/5 (3 reviews)

dozeo Feature Summary

  • HQ video & audio streaming
  • No download required
  • Share your screen
  • Upload and present your documents
  • Whiteboard functions
  • Dropbox integration
  • Watch videos together
  • Your own meeting portal
  • API for developers
  • Coming soon: Dial-in from your phone

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dozeo Feature Reviews

3 reviewers had the following to say about dozeo's features:

a dozeo lover

Really cool tool for remote teams! And most everybody else with a laptop!


I am still waiting on some additional features though, like the ability to dial-in to conferences and access to video footage after the meeting - in order to give it 5 stars - but it definitely is the best thing on the market in terms of video conferencing.


no time waiting for anything to download one click into the meeting easy to set up recurring meetings, like dailies, complete with reminders innovation made with german precision Skype may be banned in some countries - this isn't


you have to pay sometimes they test some innovative beta feature - but they ask you first & it’s since to constantly feel like you’re on the forefront of technology

Source: GetApp
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Nathaniel Hansen

Dozeo rocks!


The difference between this and Skype is that I can quickly click on a link in an email and be in a video conference instantly.


- fast - clear video - cool extra features like screen sharing and file sharing - unique ways to configure leadership and participation


- needs a slight tweak to the screen sharing part

Source: GetApp
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IR Experten

The new way of video conferencing


Its a great tool to share documents and analyse them together at the same time. It seems that you sit on the same table with the people.


- Easy to use - Fluent connection - great designed surface - perfect for analyzing documents together any by the way its the cheapest solution for us which I know


- Some futures need to be activated but the support told me they work on them. Looking forward to that.

Source: GetApp
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