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Email Center Pro

Email management for customer service teams

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Email Center Pro overview

With Email Center Pro, all your email is accessible with one click. No more switching from mailbox to mailbox, or trying to figure out where email is and who has answered it. Instant access means your customers get answered faster.

Make sure no customer slips through the cracks. Avoid embarrassing contradictory responses or long delays. Assign emails to the right person for the job, and know that every customer is taken care of.

Compose an email that you think you will use again? Send it now and instantly save it as a template for next time. Ensure that your customers get consistent and accurate responses from your team.

Don't make your customers wait or miss golden opportunities because you didn't know you had mail. Set your account to send alerts when new emails arrive or when mail is assigned to you.

Add internal notes to an email conversation for easy reference — for yourself or your co-workers. You can even add instructions for follow-up and reassign the email to another team member for the correct response. Add hyperlinks in your notes for more information. Notes are always private and never shared with your customers.

Make it easy for your support staff to help customers by linking emails directly to your support ticketing system. Resolve issues quickly, and build customer confidence.


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Email Center Pro reviews

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William Costello

Simple to use and has been extremely reliable.

Reviewed 2017-04-13
Review Source: Capterra

We have been using Email Center Pro for over 5 years now and it has been an easy way to sort and keep track of our emails. It has been extremely reliable and any issues (can count them on one hand) where we had an issue and it was typically resolved within 30 minutes. Easy to run reports to collect data and has far more useful tools that we will ever use.

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$19.95 per month/per user. Multi-user pricing available.

Email Center Pro features

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Voice Mail (50 other apps)

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Key features of Email Center Pro

  • Improve response time
  • Guarantee every email gets answered
  • Manage multiple email boxes
  • Save templates for commonly used replies
  • Add internal notes to email strings
  • Measure key response metrics
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Send faster, better responses to your customers. Spend less time answering email, and make sure every email is answered the right way, every time.

Respond to each customer accurately and quickly, no matter how full your mailbox is. Centralized, organized email handling is the secret to customer service success.

Every communication with every customer is at your fingertips. Having a detailed conversation history lets you see what the customer has emailed about in the past and address their concerns quickly and effectively.

Get unprecedented insight into your customer service work flow. Get ready to brag about (or correct!) your service quality. Improve communication between departments, and get customers the help they need. Fast.