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Transactional Email SMTP Service for Web and Mobile Apps

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Leadersend overview

What is Leadersend?

The LeaderSend web application provides you with full control and insight into the performance of your email campaigns. From creating emails to analysing performance, LeaderSend automates the entire email marketing cycle. Base your emails on an unlimited library of previously used or new templates. Use HTML to customize your emails and select from a variety of specialized email messages.

Send triggered emails after registration, password reminders and purchase confirmation notifications to your email recipients. See how users are engaging with your emails with data on open rates, bounce rates, clicks and more. See which devices and browser are used to access your emails. See which countries your best email response rates are coming from with data on the geo location of your users.

Whether it’s a result of a single email type or a specific period of time including all transactional messages – you can create your own LeaderSend report with exact information that you need to measure the success of your transactional emails. Create email tags to track transactional emails by different email types such as welcome messages, payment confirmations, shopping cart abandonments, shipment tracking or e-bills.


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Leadersend pricing

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50,000 email credits
$0.20 / thousand

100,000 email credits
$0.19 / thousand

500,000 email credits
$0.18 / thousand

1 Million email credits
$0.17 / thousand

2 Million email credits
$0.15 / thousand

5 Million email credits
$0.10 / thousand

Leadersend features

CRM Integration

API (228 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (137 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (110 other apps)
Call Monitoring (95 other apps)
Call Recording (144 other apps)
Call Routing (106 other apps)
Call Transfer (98 other apps)
Caller ID (88 other apps)
Chat (131 other apps)
Communication Management (102 other apps)
Conferencing (107 other apps)
Contact Management (94 other apps)
Customizable Branding (81 other apps)
Instant Messaging (112 other apps)
Real Time Reporting (85 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (138 other apps)
Third Party Integration (165 other apps)
Video Conferencing (99 other apps)
Voice Mail (88 other apps)

GetApp Analysis

LeaderSend is an email delivery solution that sends out system-triggered transactional emails that can be fully personalized, such as registration confirmations, welcome messages, payment notifications and password reminders. Real-time email performance can be tracked via the LeaderSend analytics dashboard and API (application program interface) log. Email reports can be filtered by opens, clicks, complaints, bounces and unsubscriptions.

LeaderSend is for businesses with online platforms that need to send transactional emails, e.g., e-commerce shops and social networks. The software can accommodate businesses of all sizes, from large enterprises to non-profits and small businesses.

LeaderSend top features include email automation, fast and secure email delivery via the LeaderSend SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) relay service, integration with CRM (customer relationship management) and other software, email templates and personalization, and real-time tracking and reporting.

What is Leadersend?

Personally responding or assigning seats to personnel who will respond to each and every online transaction your business generates may not be the best use of your team’s time, more so if it takes you away from the more value-adding aspects of your role – running the business, that is. LeaderSend is a transactional email automation and delivery service that also tracks email performance in real-time, so you can take the necessary mitigating actions as soon as possible, if warranted.

The LeaderSend SMTP relay service ensures quick and secure delivery, and emails can be personalized using HTML-customized or ready-made templates from the template library.

Who is Leadersend For?

LeaderSend is for any web-based business using email to transact with customers, such as online shops, social networking and subscription websites.

Businesses of all sizes can use LeaderSend, and the software is intended for developers and marketers, and anybody who may need to send out email address confirmations, password resets, account balance updates, auto-responders, support requests, “thank you” messages, purchase receipts, cart abandonment notifications, invoices or system error alerts.

Main Features


Communication is the lifeblood of any business, and what better way to communicate than email? But with all the other tasks you oversee to keep your company in proper working order, email automation is a godsend. With LeaderSend, when initial implementation is done (domains are set up, API integrations are carried out and subsequent actions are assigned to triggers), email sending becomes automatic, and reporting and analytics can be done in a few clicks.

This means you’re free to work on other facets of your business, such as developing a more personalized relationship with your clients through social media, or improving your sales and marketing strategy.

Email Delivery via the LeaderSend SMTP Relay Service

Over 20% of emails never reach the inbox due to a number of reasons including IP (Internet Protocol) blocking, invalid addresses, spam traps or sender reputation. The LeaderSend SMTP email relay infrastructure lets you enjoy instantaneous communication with your target audience by optimizing email deliverability.

Optimization includes email authentication using SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail), whitelisting registrations, ISP (Internet service provider) feedback loops, IP reputation and delivery monitoring, certification and dedicated IP usage.

Integration with CRM

CRM software as a sales and marketing tool is fast becoming a business staple. LeaderSend allows you to maximize your CRM investment through API integration. Once integrated, you’re ready to send CRM-generated emails without managing and configuring the delivery servers.

Integration can be done using LeaderSend’s native API client or third-party solutions like Zapier.com.

Email Templates and Personalization

Working with ready-made email templates can literally buy you time, as you don’t need to start working with a blank screen, which can sometimes be very intimidating. LeaderSend also allows you to import your own code that you can subsequently edit in an easy-to-use template editor. All the necessary formatting and merge tags for your personalized emails can be done directly in your account and saved for future use.

A LeaderSend account can accommodate an unlimited number of email templates, and the templates can be stored in several different languages.

Real-Time Tracking and Reporting

Email tags let you track and gauge the performance of a particular transactional email in real-time, such as which particular messages are better received by clients or prospects, and which need improvement.

Reporting and analytics help businesses gain better insight into their customers, such as where they’re coming from, which browsers they use, and on which devices they’re likely to transact with your company. Custom reports can also be designed based on sender information, timeframe, bounces, opens and clicks.


LeaderSend supports API integration and can work with practically any third-party software using the LeaderSend API code. While LeaderSend’s API integration system requires coding knowledge, the LeaderSend SMTP relay service allows you to send out emails via an email client or through the use of systems like CRM and e-commerce platforms without necessitating any coding know-how.

Whether or not the native API integration functionality is warranted will depend upon the capabilities of the third-party system you intend to integrate with LeaderSend.


LeaderSend follows a pay-per-email pricing scheme. At the bottom end of the range, 50,000 email credits cost $10 ($0.20 for every 1,000), and at the top end, $500 ($0.10 for every 1,000) is equivalent to 5 million email credits. All credits are non-expiring.

Bottom Line

  • System-triggered transactional email delivery service for web-based businesses
  • Real-time tracking and in-depth reporting via the LeaderSend online dashboard and API log
  • Fast and secure email delivery using the LeaderSend SMTP relay service
  • Integration with CRM, CMS and other marketing platforms
  • Email personalization through built-in and customized templates

Additional information for Leadersend

Key features of Leadersend

  • SMTP Relay service
  • Email Authentication using SPF and DKIM
  • Custom email templates
  • Integrate with any CRM, E-Commerce
  • Our team of experts is available 24/7
  • Open and click tracking
  • Send emails through WEB and SMTP API
  • Supports personalized DKIM, SPF, Feedback Loops.
  • Reputation and ISP monitoring.
  • HTML content templates
  • Code your own templates or import with API
  • Unlimited Template storage
  • Tag emails by topic or message type
  • Real-time reporting
  • Device & Geo Location Reporting
  • Message tagging
  • Customized transactional email reports
  • User agent and unsubscribe tracking
  • Optimized IP Reputation
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- Real-time transactional email reports on device, browser and geo location of your users to improve your email content and get the maximum results.

- Track how many of your users have opened and clicked your transactional emails on desktop PC’s and mobile devices, which browsers are used most frequently, and which countries are the most active and engaged customers from.

- LeaderSend SMTP Relay Service for quick and secure delivery.

- Email Authentication using SPF and DKIM, as well as IP reputation and delivery monitoring.

- Emails are further protected with Whitelisting registrations tools,
ISP feedback loops and certification and dedicated IP

- Track the success of email campaigns with email tracking. This includes open and click tracking, message tagging, user agent and unsubscribe tracking.

- Personalize emails directly in your account with merge tags and formatting. Import your own code and edit it with LeaderSend's templates.

- You can store an unlimited number of templates in your account as well as storing templates in a variety of languages.

- Design your own customized transactional email reports. Choose to base them on your defined metrics such as timeframe, sender information, open rate, clicks and bounces.

- Specialized email messages for tracking include: Welcome message, shopping-cart receipts, shipment tracking, payment confirmation, password reminder, personalized notifications, e-bills and more...