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HubSpot Sales use case: Emilee Christianson

Emilee Christianson

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15th of August, 2017
Easy, seamless tool for the HubSpot user

My team and I invested in Salesforce quite some time ago. We found the tool to be a bit too complicated to use and just generally more than what we needed. It became a very expensive place to store our sales data. Since becoming a HubSpot customer, we migrated over to the HubSpot CRM and have loved it. In the tool we can track the progress we are making on the marketing side along with the sales actions taken. It is beyond helpful having all that information in one place.

What do you like best?

Anyone can log in and have the tool figured out in minutes (especially if you are already used to how the HubSpot tools work). It is very visual, fun even, to use and track deals. It integrates with google docs, which is what we use to send out estimates to clients and prospects. Again, all that information then collects in one place. Anyone on my team can log in and see exactly where we are at in the sales cycle.

What do you dislike?

I work on a sales team of 4 people, of which, I am the only full-time sales/marketer. I cannot vouch for the tool on an enterprise level. If you are needing a super robust tool, this may not be the best fit. Although, I can't forsee there being anything that I would need to do that I couldn't use this tool for.

Why did you end up selecting HubSpot Sales over other applications?

Salesforce was way too complex and robust for our needs. There were a million functions that we would not use. It was an expensive tool for what we were needing to do with it. HubSpot was free and we were already using the marketing tool. It was a seamless transition.

What is your main use case with HubSpot Sales?

Using it on a daily basis to track our lead interactions and deal progressions until they are closed as a customer.

Give one example how HubSpot Sales has improved the way your organization functions

Everything sits in one place - our marketing, our sales, our database, our content and our website tracking. It is seamless. Up to this point, everything has been scattered across multiple tools which means the data is siloed. With HubSpot, all the data talks and paints one big picture. That is invaluable for reporting and overall evaluation of effectiveness and ROI.

What is your ROI?

I don't have access to the exact ROI, but it is positive in that we have gained 3 new customers

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Recommendations to others considering HubSpot Sales

If you are a HubSpot customer, this is a no-brainer. If you are not and need an easy to use CRM that integrates with email tracking and other awesome sales tools, its worth the free install.

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2+ years

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