A complete look at the voicemail functionality of Talkdesk


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A complete look at the voicemail functionality of Talkdesk

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Kaan (Talkdesk)

Kaan: Correct, yes, so if you want to set up a call, you know a phonetree, or an IVR to go to the voicemail, you can do that, and it's definitely something basically that a lot of teams that want to push people to voicemail do, and then they follow up with emails, and they follow up with another channel.

Jimmy: Is that something that you could walk me through right now, kind of that flow of setting that up to lead to voicemail instead of to an actual agent?

Kaan: Yeah, really good question. So basically what we would do there is jump into our numbers again, so numbers tab. I'll use that number, and basically what we can do is set this up to be a voicemail only phone number. And so because this ring group is going to be voicemail, or vmail, and save that. And now what's going to happen is the way that Talkdesk is built is around tags. So because there's no agent tagged with vmail, that basically means that when somebody calls into this number, they will be pushed to voicemail directly. So it's a way to basically create a universal voicemail for a team or for an individual.

Jimmy: Okay, so when someone calls that number, because that number is tagged with vmail, and vmail is not associated to an agent, then the call would automatically be sent to voicemail.

Kaan: Spot on Jimmy, and basically when that happens, that can fire off different automations, so again you can send that voicemail to Zendesk, you can send it to email...

Jimmy: Can we quickly look at, let's say that, how do we customize that voicemail message? Because it would be nice to, let's say, have that number send over to that voicemail message that says "Hey, please let us know x, y and z, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible".

Kaan: Correct. Yeah, so, it's very easy. What you do is you jump into this greetings here, and you just change this voicemail message, add a new message, voicemail test... Alright, text to speech so we can actually type this, we can also upload a file if we want, but... "Thank you for calling, please leave a voicemail". I can save that now, if you were to call this number, what would happen is you would go to voicemail.

Jimmy: Okay. And, is there a way to have multiple voicemails?

Kaan: Yes, exactly. So you can have multiple voicemails for, and the easiest way to think of it is you can have it for numbers, you can have it for hunt groups or queues, and you can also have it for individuals, right, so if I wanted to have an extension, I can have someone call my extensions directly, and that will place a voicemail into my inbox, I can receive an email directly saying "hey you just received a voicemail, here's a link to the recording, here's a transcription" so even if I'm away from my desk, I'll get that directly inside of my work email.

Jimmy: This is great, this is really cool. I think this is extremely helpful. Anybody that any type of business, you know, whether it's brick and mortar or online, frankly this is something that they should all be using.