Complete call monitoring within Talkdesk


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Complete call monitoring within Talkdesk

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Kaan (Talkdesk)

Kaan: So basically, the way that reporting works in Talkdesk is that there's two styles of reporting. So you have live call monitoring, live queue monitoring, what's going on, and what's the pulse of our team right now? And when I jump in here, I can actually see that it gives me an entire understanding of what's going on.

So I can see Chris is on a call, as a manager I can listen in and monitor that call. I can see what the context of the call is right here, it's a sales call. But additionally, what we actually see a lot, is that when new reps come on, whether it's sales, support, or customer service, oftentimes managers want pure learning to take place, and this is a way to have an unobtrusive way for new members of the team to listen to calls, hear objections, silently listen in to these calls and understand how can I be better, how can I learn from people who have been there and done that?

Jimmy: Okay, so, this is interesting, because then this goes beyond that scope of a, let's say a B to C business that, let's say it's selling widgets directly to a customer, but now this could be a B to B sales team that's growing, and they could all be listening in and maybe do it on-boarding, you know.

Kaan: Exactly, exactly, so it's that silent listen in, it's a great way to learn from people that are experts on the team, and teams that do grow rapidly, grow rapidly with us, so scaling is very easy, it's quick to get people on board, quick to get people trained, and then we actually do make it easy to enable the entire team.