Everything you'll see when receiving a call in Talkdesk


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Everything you'll see when receiving a call in Talkdesk

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Kaan (Talkdesk)

Kaan: So, we'll do two things here. Both will be centered on the life of a rep that's using Talkdesk. And so one, we'll receive a call here inside Talkdesk, and see one of those contact profiles. And then we'll jump over to actually Zendesk and take a look at the CTI.

Jimmy:  Okay.

Kaan: So hold on real quickly and I'll dial in.

Jimmy:  Yup.

Kaan:  So the call comes in, and what Talkdesk does is it notifies you on your desktop that a call's coming in, as well as who this person is. And now that I've muted myself, we actually have the access to this person with one click. So I click on that person's contact name up here in the right, and what's going to happen now is that Talkdesk will load up a bunch of information on who this person is, why they might be calling in. And so this activity stream here is where we start to suck in all that data from, again, those CRMs, live chat, ticketing solutions. So you can see we have all this information here around past calls, past notes, automations that are firing off with Salesforce, with Zendesk tickets, and the beauty of this, right, is that you have this information in one place, and with one click you can actually hop over to Salesforce and open up that contact record. Or you can hop into Zendesk and open up that ticket directly. So all this is available here. If for instance you need to update a ticket, you can do that directly within Talkdesk. But the idea, again, is that you have the activites, you have this rich profile information on who you're talking to, and it's all in one place, so it gives you that pivotal center of all these different systems that you've already invested in.

Jimmy: Wow, this is very cool. From my side, this is something that's absolutely valuable, because I think a lot of times when you're speaking to one of your customers or a client, there's this history that, maybe if you had it at hand it would make that call a little better, and having everything that you're showing me right now immediately available is absolutely wonderful.

Kaan: Yeah, exactly. And so the idea is that you can have all that there, and then when you end that call, basically what happens is you can update information on that call, so if I'm on support I can say technical... or question... if I can spell question on billing, and I can log that call, and so as a sales rep, if I jump in here, I can actually see that our support team talked to Spencer earlier today, and know what the context of that entire call is. So having context across teams, that typically is lost, is really, really valuable, as you've mentioned. And so all of that's available to you, and again, during that call, you can transfer call, you can conference in guests, you can do everything that you need to do, directly through the browser.