How Talkdesk integrates directly within Zendesk


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How Talkdesk integrates directly within Zendesk

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Kaan (Talkdesk)

Kaan: We do as a company integrate with a number of systems as I mentioned and one of those is Zendesk. And so we actually do integrate directly inside of their platform as well.

As an agent that's working out of Zendesk if it's a specific support case they can actually pick up and receive calls directly in the browser through Zendesk.

What that actually looks like is that you're working on emails day in and day out and then you can actually, when a call comes in just as we saw directly within the TalkDesk interface, you can actually see who's calling directly from inside of Zendesk.

I can accept that call. What happens now is this really, really seamless automation where you pick up that call and you have pre call information. So you see call tags, are they coming in from sales, billing, support, wherever it might be.

As well as how long they have been waiting on the phone. A 4 minute wait time is a very different conversation than a 40 minute wait time. Having that knowledge, having that emotional intelligence when you pick up that phone really gives you guys a leg up on the competition.