How to know if you need Talkdesk


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How to know if you need Talkdesk

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Kaan (Talkdesk)

Kaan: Many of our customers that come to us at the start don't realize that they have this problem. So they have a desk phone sitting on their desk, they pick up the phone, life seems good. But really what Talkdesk can do is not just make life good, but it can make your customers' experience great when they call in. So think about a world where, again, instead of picking up the phone and saying "hi, what's your name, why are you calling in?" you pick up that phone, you can say "hey Jim, it's great to hear from you, I saw that you were talking to Ken a few minutes ago". So it's really flipping the idea of customer experience on its head, and making you guys more proactive, making our customers better when they do pick up that phone call.

Jimmy: Oh, so this is pretty neat, it almost displays a whole bunch of information that makes the caller feel like they've been really be observed, and that someone is on the other end listening and really knows what their journey has been.

Kaan: Exactly, and the way that we do that is that we have really deep integrations with CRMs, with helpdesks, with ticketing systems, that provide all that information in one place, but on the flipside, there's a lot we can do as well around intelligent routing off of an IVR, skill based routing with ACD, making sure the right people pick up the right calls at the right time.

Jimmy: Okay, this is awesome. Personally, I'm very excited to jump into getting to know the features and all this good stuff in Talkdesk because I think that there's so many people that need to have better relationships with their customers, and it seems like Talkdesk is a solution for a lot of people, so what do you say, how about we start getting into the awesome parts of Talkdesk.

Kaan: Sounds like a plan, yeah, let's jump on in.