In depth telephone call reporting in Talkdesk


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In depth telephone call reporting in Talkdesk

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Kaan (Talkdesk)

Kaan: Numbers is going to be on a number by number level, kind of what the volume looks like. When you actually look at Numbers here, we have different numbers, and we can drill into specific numbers and say, "for our main line, what is the total number of calls, what is the average waiting queue?" and where we see teams get the most value out of this is again around that VIP, Enterprise, Platinum style line, where you want to say "we guarantee that all calls we picked up within two minutes, 80% of the time or more" and you can actually measure yourself against that and say "what are we doing on a specific line?"

So all that's available there, as well as, and I'm going to jump to my own screen, just to show more detailed reporting. We do have raw call logs, so understanding that you can pull your own data out, people do want to measure according to their own style, and so you can look at, you know, the past calls in the past seven days, for instance, and see all of these calls, and you can see the types of calls, who handled the calls, what the notes were, how the calls finished, all that stuff that you might want to report on your own, you can do a pull to CSV file here, so that's all available to you, as well as the recordings.

Jimmy: And what about, because I'm seeing now that we've gotten to the agent level, are we able to see on, let's say the customer level, to where it's say, how frequently is a customer calling in to our business? Can we get that information?

Kaan: That's a good question, so you can pull that with a CSV file, and you can start to run reports off of how many times a customer's calling in, how many times a certain number's calling in, because we do have that data stored inside of Talkdesk. It's not in one of our dashboards today, but you can run exports on it and figure that out, to understand what it costs to support x company.

Jimmy: Okay. But that information is there, and when you export the CSV you can pull that all up?

Kaan: Correct, and then the other part of that as well is if you are using a Zendesk, or, we do push this information over there, and those will be tickets, and so you actually have probably a true understanding of how much time, and that duration can be pushed over into a custom field so you can run reports and understand, you know, we spent fifteen minutes on a call with them this week, what does that translate to in terms of cost for our agents.

Jimmy: Exactly. Okay, and what other, what's in Dispositions?

Kaan: So Dispositions are basically a way to categorize an outcome or a wrap-up for your team. So this is showing that in the last seven days, 57% of calls have been first call resolution, 20% of calls have been technical support. And so this is a really good way, and I always explain this as, the best way to get a pulse on what's really being the heavy load in your calling. So is it something that we can solve with self-service, so if you have a knowledge base, can you basically say "we're receiving 80% of our calls because people have questions around... changing their password. Is that something that can drive product? Is that something that can drive our knowledge base?" Basically allowing people to figure out and understand how to serve themselves, and really as a team understand how you guys can get better across the entire business.