Learn to transfer and record calls within Talkdesk


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Learn to transfer and record calls within Talkdesk

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Kaan (Talkdesk)

Kaan: The other thing as well, and we didn't touch on this inside the web app, but this is also available inside of Talkdesk, where you can mute, you can hold, you can transfer, so if I need to transfer this to Paul Donati for instance. Paul's offline but maybe I need to send to another person in sales. I can do that with either a blind or a warm transfer, as well as conferencing guests, so if I need to loop in my VP, I can do that directly through Talkdesk.

And it's all done here, call ends, and again you get that same notification of what actually happened. So we're going Technical Support, Billing question, and log that call, and again, what happens now is that you're pushed back online as an agent, but in the same time, we're pushing over an automation that says here is the outcome of the call, here is the recording if you want to listen to that recording, and this can fully be customized to push in unstructured data to the notes of Zendesk, as well as actually to custom fields inside of Zendesk, Salesforce, and Desk.com, so you can actually start to report off of this information directly inside of those reporting suites as well.

Jimmy: Are all of the calls recorded? Is this something that you have to switch on? Is it automatically on?

Kaan: Good question. So it's up to the end user to choose when they want to record calls, you can decide, and you can set it as a default for inbound calls, for outbound calls, whatever it might be.

Jimmy: Okay. And the recordings are all hosted by Talkdesk?

Kaan: Correct, yes, they're hosted on our end and you can access them because they're directly located in the tickets by clicking on here, and it just jumps over to the recording.

Jimmy: Okay.