Setting up telephone numbers and support agents in Talkdesk


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Setting up telephone numbers and support agents in Talkdesk

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Kaan (Talkdesk)

Kaan: Just to talk about the admin in Talkdesk. The idea, and really again, how we're changing the way that this product is delivered is that we're moving away form professional services, which has hampered the industry in the past twenty, thirty years, and into a model where we have built for the end user from day one. And so what that actually looks like and feels like is basically a sales manager, a customer support manager can jump in here and make sure that Talkdesk reflects their business as quickly as their business is changing. So where that all begins is on the Number level.

Jimmy: Wow, this is awesome.

Kaan: Exactly, and so all of these skills are built to be very intuitive. So skills here, like admin, playoffs, French, whatever it might be, are actually tagged to these individual agents that you have in your team. So in this scenario, Alex for instance here, can speak Spanish and French. And so Alex, would be the only one on our team right now that would be receiving those calls because she specializes in Spanish.

As a non Spanish speaker, I would never be able to answer those questions. So, same can be applied for billing, for sales, for support, whatever it is, and the really key thing here is that you can add new agents in a matter of, again, 5-10 seconds. You just drop in their name, email, and their specialty, like Spanish, and they're ready to go. So for when teams are scaling and ramping, which again are kind of a sweet spot with Talkdesk, it's a matter of a minute to get somebody up and running, instead of waiting for a hard phone, waiting for a number to be procured for them, and it's immediate feedback with Talkdesk.