The integrations offered by Talkdesk


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The integrations offered by Talkdesk

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Kaan (Talkdesk)

Kaan: We have over 25 integrations out of the box that are one click and you're ready to go. So we have helpdesk, ticketing systems, CRMs, eCommerce, and chat systems, that can start to funnel all this really rich customer data into one place for you.

Jimmy: Okay. Will we be seeing a couple examples of these integrations actually working in our walkthrough a little later on?

Kaan: Yes, correct. So what we can do is we can walk through Salesforce integration as well as the Zendesk integration, but we have a number of partners that we work with closely and these are constantly being enhanced based on API capabilities, so we're always excited to add to these integrations.