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The main menu options of Talkdesk

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Kaan (Talkdesk)

Kaan: Absolutely. So, the clock up here is going to be the recent calls, right? So, understanding, and this is great for managers to jump into, what are the most recent calls? You can listen to these call recordings, understand if people have been missing calls, so it's a really good understanding of what's happening right now, outside of live calling. Contacts is where we started everything, and this is where you can access the keypad, you have all your contact information, you can search for a company, a person, whatever it might be, and you can actually just jump to a specific person inside of Talkdesk. This right here will be voicemails, and this is where you can actually jump and say "how many voicemails do we have?" and the beauty of this is that you can see visually what's happening, you can set up transcriptions, they can also be passed into, for instance, logged calls, cases, whatever it might be, from voicemails, and you can also assign this to different team members, so if you want to assign this to Alex in support, you can do that, and then Alex can jump in here, listen to the call, mark it as closed.