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Telecom Expense Management

Telecom and wireless expense management

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Telecom Expense Management by Calero is an expense management platform for both fixed-line and wireless or mobile telecom expenses, designed to assist users in managing expenses associated with usage and assets across their full lifecycle, from requisition through to retirement and replacement.

Telecom Expense Management includes Calero’s InSight Analytics tool, which gives users an overview of all their expense data, using graphs and charts, and users can dynamically filter data in real time by clicking on or drawing a ‘lasso’ around the data points they are interested in. Fixed line and mobile charges are both broken down by month or period and by charge type, with options to view the top billing numbers, charges per provider, and exceptions for equipment charges, directory assistance charges, and international call spend.

Telecom Expense Management Pricing

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Key Features of Telecom Expense Management

  • Invoice processing automation
  • Financial software integration
  • Inventory management
  • Asset management
  • Centralized asset database
  • Ordering and requisitions
  • Purchase tracking
  • Wireless expense management
  • Shared services management
  • Automated cost allocation
  • Internal chargebacks
  • Provisioning
  • Usage analysis & management
  • Telecom expense management
  • Dispute management
  • InSight Analytics

Telecom Expense Management Screenshots (10)

Telecom Expense Management screenshot: Telecom Expense Management includes Calero's InSight Analytics tool, allowing users a full overview of their expensesTelecom Expense Management screenshot: Users can filter the data in Telecom Expense Management by selecting an option from the menu, or by clicking on a specific data pointTelecom Expense Management screenshot: Users can also 'lasso' the data they are interested in to drill deeper into those specific data points with Telecom Expense ManagerTelecom Expense Management screenshot: Telecom Expense Management can break down usage data by billing numberTelecom Expense Management screenshot: Full charge details across multiple invoices can also be viewed in Telecom Expense ManagerTelecom Expense Management screenshot: Telecom Expense Management also reports on charges for mobile or wireless spendTelecom Expense Management screenshot: Mobile charges can also be broken down in Telecom Expense ManagementTelecom Expense Management screenshot: Users can manage charges by exception in Telecom Expense Management, for equipment charges, international calls, and directory assistance chargesTelecom Expense Management screenshot: Telecom Expense Management includes a browser-like search functionTelecom Expense Management screenshot: Graphs and charts produced by Telecom Expense Management can be exported as PDFs


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Alternatives to Telecom Expense Management


Processing for both paper and electronic invoices can be automated, with loading, charge allocation, payment approvals, and support for integrating external accounting systems.

Centralized asset database and asset management processes, including requisition, purchase tracking, warranty management, retirement, and replacement.

Automation of cost allocation and chargebacks for shared services, based on usage data.

InSight Analytics provides visual representations of all fixed and wireless telecom data, allowing users to dynamically filter data in real time, and drill into key data points to identify cost saving opportunities.