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VeraSMART overview

What is VeraSMART?

VeraSMART is a call accounting and reporting solution from Calero, which offers users tools for call tracking, personal call identification, capacity monitoring, productivity tracking, call costing, and accounting for both wireline/landline and mobile/wireless communications.

VeraSMART can be used to track calls, both inbound and outbound, and automatically notify users of calls to specific numbers, such as the emergency services. Users can also be alerted when call metrics exceed those expected for normal call activity, triggered by excessive calling, making unauthorized long-distance or international calls, and dialing flagged numbers. Employees can be made aware of their personal usage and call habits with personal call identification, which includes full call histories and costs, to capture appropriate reimbursements.

VeraSMART can also be used to analyse daily call activity and traffic, including peak call flow. Issues such as insufficient capacity at peak times and long call queues can also be identified, as well as the productivity of call handlers, giving users insight into whether they have the capacity to handle the volume of calls they receive, and changes that can be made to improve customer satisfaction and employee productivity.


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VeraSMART screenshot: With VeraSMART, users can view call volume and costs across their businessVeraSMART screenshot: Users can select a single employee in VeraSMART to view all of their call dataVeraSMART screenshot: Users can search for specific data using VeraSMART's browser-like search functionVeraSMART screenshot: Graphs and charts can be exported from VeraSMART as PDFsVeraSMART screenshot: VeraSMART allows users to see the employees responsible for the most international callsVeraSMART screenshot: Data can be filtered in VeraSMART by selecting an option from the menu or clicking on a single data pointVeraSMART screenshot: VeraSMART includes full call histories of inbound and outbound calls for all employees

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VeraSMART features

Automatic Notifications

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Additional information for VeraSMART

Key features of VeraSMART

  • Suspicious call tracking
  • Personal call identification
  • Mobile call accounting
  • Dashboard sharing
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Automated wireless expense chargeback
  • Unified data from multiple sources
  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Automatic alerts
  • Landline call accounting
  • Customizable reports
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Call histories
  • Productivity tracking
  • Emergency call tracking
  • Call record data
  • Interactive graphs and charts
  • Scheduled reporting
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VeraSMART can be configured to track both inbound and outbound calls to specific numbers, such as emergency service calls.

Automatic alerts for metrics that exceed normal call activity with triggers for excessive calling, flagged numbers, long distance calls, and international calls.

Employees can view their personal call histories, and the associated costs, with users able to collect reimbursement for costs to the business.

VeraSMART can be used to track daily call activity, with traffic analysis, assisting users in judging required network capacity.