Voicent Predictive Dialer Features

Voicent Predictive Dialer

VOIP Predictive Dialer | Call Center Predictive Dialer | Hosted Predictive Dialer

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Voicent Predictive Dialer Feature Summary

  • Easy to use - quick download and setup
  • Record call by agent
  • Use VoIP internet dialing services
  • Extensive interface for system integration
  • Use company's PBX system
  • Integrate with any Window based software
  • Unlimited scalability/call capacity
  • Automatic monitoring and management of regulatory compliance
  • Unified agent desktop
  • Training of new agents
  • Automatically leave voice messages
  • Support LAN, WAN network configuration
  • Automatically skips busy lines
  • Call back manager - reassign & reschedule callbacks
  • Sends calling information to Agent's compute
  • Eliminate dropped calls by setting up rollover IVR
  • Agent can work anywhere
  • Automatically scrubs against Federal or in-house Do-Not-Call
  • Call report for campaign stats
  • Allows unlimited custom data fields and dispositions

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