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Xink Email Signature overview

Xink is an email signature management and campaign tool designed specifically for marketers. It starts with enforcing your employee email signatures, so that your brand is represented consistently, every time, with every email. It flourishes with employee email signature-based campaigns, which can be used to drive more quality traffic and conversions to your web properties. Our customers use Xink to drive consistency, as well as promote new products and services, highlight new assets within their content marketing strategy, they even use it to promote the industry events and trade shows they'll be participating in.


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Xink Email Signature reviews

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Daniel Cervantes

Solid product that rarely, if ever, has issues and integrates well with Outlook.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-02-16
Review Source: Capterra

The ease of installation cannot be understated as it makes setting up new users and making edits to their signatures along the way very easy. I would say the biggest pro is the administrator's ability to control their signature's as users often want to make changes on their own.

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Anonymous Reviewer

Do you like puzzles? You'll enjoy this interface.

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-08-22
Review Source

Once it's set up it delivers, but getting it set up or making a change is an uphill battle. Adding employees is a manual task and works fine if you're only hiring 1/2 people a quarter but I can't see using this at a large size company.

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Tim Buchanan

Xink is your best option for cloud-based email signature management

Reviewed 2014-10-30
Review Source

Xink is a key part of our brand management and marketing strategies. ECG Management Consultants sees client and prospect engagement as a critical success factor and Xink helps us create consistent brand and promotional awareness with each and every email. With Xink, we’re able to execute signature updates and new campaigns with ease, knowing we’ll always have a consistent customer-facing experience.

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Laura Michels

Great for brand consistency and campaign promotion

Reviewed 2014-09-11
Review Source

Xink has been a part of our marketing mix for a couple of years. It allows us to enforce our brand standards with consistent email signatures for the entire company, while at the same time it helps us promote nearly 50 global events every year, which is key part of our revenue strategy. Every marketer should give Xink a look.

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Xink Email Signature pricing

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Xink is priced according to the number of mailboxes sending email.

Xink Email Signature features

API (103 other apps)
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CRM Integration (45 other apps)
Call Monitoring (41 other apps)
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Call Reporting (39 other apps)
Call Routing (44 other apps)
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Call Transfer (48 other apps)
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GetApp Analysis

Xink is the essential tool that every modern company needs in order to increase its communication consistency and campaign efficiency. This email signature management and campaign application brings the required coherence to your employees signatures and lets them schedule their campaign actions.

The software is completely cloud-based so it can be run on any browser, and it works seamlessly with the industry’s most widely used email infrastructure (Exchange, Office 365 and Gmail for Work). Marketing departments can see immediate ROI with Xink, as content distribution, lead generation and event promotion get way more effective.

Xink's top features include an intuitive "WYSIWYG" editor, support for importing from existing html email signatures, timed and targeted campaigning, roles-based access with segmented signatures and auto-generated analytics that help people to accurately determine their efficiency and locate room for improvement.

What is Xink Email Signature?

The goal of the application is to basically relieve companies and teams from signature inconsistencies that can damage trust in the quality of the company’s brand.

The benefits of using Xink extend from the upturn of the professionalism of a company, to the heightened of its promotional campaigns impact. In any case, Xink will help companies increase their traffic and track the performance of their content over time.

Who is Xink Email Signature for?

Xink can be used by any company that wants to add consistency in their communications, especially marketing departments that want to create a new, trusted campaign channel for their lead generation, brand awareness and content marketing strategies.

Other use case scenarios may include IT departments that seek a way to provide a centralized signature template repository for their company, HR teams that wish to promote new job openings and support teams that want to drive more self-service of support requests by directing recipients to an online knowledgebase.

Main features

Easy to use Editor

The editor that Xink offers to the users is tailor made for the easy creation of email signatures. It features both a WYSIWYG and advanced html mode where the code is clearly depicted. The third mode is the preview where the result is presented.

Images from local media, or url locations that contain media can be uploaded to the editor and incorporated to the signature. This way users can add their photos, or their company logo and create a much more professional outcome. An existing signature can also be uploaded and further edited in the editor.

Differentiate Signatures

Communication can have significantly different purposes, so allowing users to utilize different signatures is a key feature for Xink. There are three different signature categories: default, reply/forward, optional. These are used according to administration settings and the level that these settings are applying on, but for users who are left with no assignments their subject to the "rules" template.

These settings can be tweaked either for specific people, or for whole departments of a company. This way, different rules can be set for as many individuals as you like.

Campaign Calendar

Xink can be set to send promotional emails during campaigns. Using the "Campaign" package, users can easily set mass mail details such as the subject, call to action, tracking link embodiment and body text length. All this is applied to thousands of emails that may be reaching potential customers in a daily basis and the Calendar helps administrator set the duration of the campaign.

Another use for calendars is the case of event organization and attendance augmentation through promotional emails. With Xink, admins can embed the event calling to their employees' email signatures through the Calendars and automatically promote the occurrences through regular communications.

Intuitive Reports

Another important part of Xink Campaign is the automatically generated reports that show which campaigns or events generate the most interaction, and even measure this in relation to the geographic location. Using these metrics, employees can determine their campaign efficiency and spot problematic sectors or products.

Thanks to Xink's integration with Google Analytics, users can go a step further and see exactly how the Xink-generated traffic is activated in their web pages. This is of critical importance to be able to improve your future campaigns, or even the current on the fly.

User Importing

One of Xink's greatest strengths is that it is very easy to set up. Importing all your users is one part of this initial setup, and thankfully Xink offers ways to do this either manually, or automatically. The manual way is more suitable for smaller companies with low personnel count, and is done simply through the "Add new employee" form.

For larger companies with huge employee pools, there are more sophisticated solutions that will save you tons of time and resources. One way is to use an XLSX file (Excel spreadsheet) where only the first column must be adjusted accordingly and then you can import large numbers of users in the Xink database. Another way is to use the Microsoft Azure Active Directory and choose to export to a web application option.


Xink can integrate well with widely used email and office tools such as the also cloud-based Office 365, Gmail for Work, and the popular Microsoft Outlook. This way users can benefit from the advanced signature options that Xink offers to them, while they keep using their favorite software.

On the statistics side of things, Xink can get even more informative and comprehensive by integrating with analytics packages such as Google Analytics, Omniture and WebTrends. This is essential in order to determine the content's success, impacts and durability.


Xink comes in two different packages that include different set of features. The first one is the "Brand" package that is focused around brand consistency with signature and logos management and worldwide support through chat and email. Integration with all aforementioned software is fully enabled and supported. The package cost ranges from 480$/year for 40 users, and reaches to up to 3000$/year for 500 users.

The second and more premium package is the "Campaign" one. This includes all features and capabilities of the "Brand" package with the addition of statistical measurements and traffic generation systems. This package cost ranges from 960$/year for 40 users (people sending emails), to 6000$ for 500 users. You can also test the software using the trial version that lasts for 14 days and can be extended to any of the two packages with full content conservation (templates used, content created, signatures saved).

Bottom line

  • Improve Branding and perform targeted Campaigns
  • Company-wide Signature Management
  • Easy set-up and running
  • Cross Platform
  • Infinitely scalable

Additional information for Xink Email Signature

Key features of Xink Email Signature

  • Intuitive WYSIWYG editor for signature creation
  • Support for your existing HTML signatures
  • Support for rules-based signature assignment
  • Integrated analytics for signature click-thru rates
  • Automatic signature and campaign scheduling
  • Deploys in minutes, no server software required
  • Completely cloud-based; run via your browser
  • Seamless integration with Office 365
  • Works with Outlook for both Windows and Mac
  • Roles-based access for easy delegation to team members
  • Easily integrate with Google Analytics for deeper analytics
  • Easily segment signatures based on role, department
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Xink is the only cloud-based email signature management solution which combines both brand enforcement and marketing campaigns, via the employee email signature. Xink allows marketing teams to quickly and easily deploy effective email signatures company-wide, while also opening up a new marketing channel via time-based campaigns.