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Q4 Desktop logo

Cloud-based investor relations solutions

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Q4 offers cloud-based investor relations solutions for websites, video conferencing, virtual events, IR CRM, investor targeting & intelligence.

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Fonvirtual Virtual PBX logo

Private branch exchange (PBX) solution

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Fonvirtual virtual PBX is a business telephone system that helps companies manage internal and external voice, video, or chat- based communications. The platform allows users to create custom greeting messages to automatically redirect clients to the right agent based on specific requirements.

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iSoftPhone logo

Softphone solution for macOS users

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iSoftPhone is an internet phone integrated into macOS that helps businesses with instant messaging, call recording, video screen sharing, acoustic echo cancellation, conference calls, voice encryption, call recording, computer telephony, and more.

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Showfloor logo

Virtual event software for hosting trade shows & exhibitions

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Showfloor is a virtual event software designed to help businesses host online trade shows, exhibitions, job fairs, and other events using a desktop, tablet, or other mobile devices. Attendees can create connections and discover exhibitors, products, or services.

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Peerlogic logo

Conversational AI for dental practice growth

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Peerlogic is a voice-based conversational intelligence software designed for the dental industry and powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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PlayBooks logo

Create Game Plans for Business, in every meeting.

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PlayBooks is a Meetings App for Business Advisors and their Clients. With libraries of expertise in the marketplace you can create Game Plans, to tackle challenges and win every opportunity.

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Scedule logo

Meeting management solution for businesses and teams

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Scedule is a meeting platform designed to help businesses view availability of team members, arrange appointments with partners, and send meeting invitations via email. It lets users request availability of trusted contacts, list date proposals by priority & manage participants' meeting preferences.

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FIREBusinessPlatform logo

Customer relationship management solution for SMEs

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FIREBusinessPlatform is a business management solution, which helps small to midsize businesses manage customer support services, marketing automation, collaboration, & more. It enables organizations to interact with potential, as well as current, clients to improve sales & customer satisfaction.

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eBLVD Online Meetings logo

Get More Sales and Projects Done in Less Time

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Effortless online meetings and web demos with easy screen sharing. eBLVD's focus on simplicity, clarity, and ease of use make it truly unique. Best of all, the 1-to-1 version is FREE!

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Mezzanine logo

Visual collaboration and web-conferencing solution

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Mezzanine is a cloud-based video conferencing solution designed to help businesses organize team meetings across multiple locations. Features include real-time content sharing, a collaborative workspace, optical tracking, annotations, data synchronization, and multi-device access.

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InstaVC logo

Cloud based SaaS Video Collaboration & Conferencing Platform

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InstaVC is a cloud-based software that helps businesses of all sizes with their marketing automation and customer relationship management. InstaVC allows users to manage their social media accounts in one place and create automated posts based on specific conditions such as time of day or number of followers.

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CoreNexa logo

VoIP and unified communications software

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CoreNexa is a VoIP software designed to help businesses connect and collaborate with staff members or clients on various projects. Key features include visual voicemail, call transfers, virtual rooms, three-way calling, screen sharing, and video meetings.

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SAM logo

Collaborative solution for managing meeting agendas

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SAM is a cloud-based meeting management solution that helps businesses create collaborative agendas and maintain records for meetings. It enables managers to add multiple participants in the collaborative workspace and record objectives, decisions, and insights after team discussions.

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Evercast logo

Video Collaboration Platform for Remote Creators

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Video conference while streaming your live work sessions in HD with full-spectrum audio and ultra low latency. With a toolbox made for creative collaboration, Evercast offers enhanced productivity and efficiency for virtual team meetings.

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Diligent Community logo

Meeting & agenda management for local government & education

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Diligent Community is the next-generation modern governance and civic engagement solution for public service organizations that simplifies the end-to-end agenda and meeting management processes designed specifically for local government and public education organizations.

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inCast logo

Cloud-based webcasting platform

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inCast is a cloud-based webcasting platform that can be deployed on any cloud provider and supports a wide range of use cases including training, education, corporate communications, entertainment, and sports. It helps businesses promote products and services, introduce new business partners or highlight new technologies or devices.

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