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accel-DS Data Integrator

Data integration, extraction, and blending

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accel-DS Data Integrator overview

What is accel-DS Data Integrator?

accel-DS Data Integrator is a tool for extracting and blending data from a variety of sources using a drag and drop interface. With the solution's zero coding technology, users are able to focus on finding the data sources and help businesses ingest, integrate, and cleanse it in matter of minutes. Users can integrate data from any data source including databases, XML, JSON, WSDL, and streams (Twitter, Sys Log).

accel-DS Data Integrator is built for end users, providing a spreadsheet interface. As users build their data set, they can see results interactively in a familiar spreadsheet like interface. Users can use the same spreadsheet to apply data cleansing transformations. accel-DS data integrator also offers full support for web services, RESTful data sources, and USPS, white pages, D&B, REST APIs are available, and out-of-box preconfigured.

accel-DS Data Integrator was built grounds up for big data, to ingest, cleanse and transform data from any data source into Hadoop / big data. Users can load GBs of data from RDBMS and diles into big data in minutes. Traditional data types and complex data types such as maps and structures are supported as well. accel-DS Data Integrator also comes with built-in wizards to ingest data from streaming services such as Twitter, SysLog in real time, eliminating any Java, .NET coding expertise.


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Professional: $299 (single user)

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accel-DS Data Integrator features

Drag & Drop Interface
Workflow Management

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Auditing (131 other apps)
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Key features of accel-DS Data Integrator

  • ETL - Extract / Transfer / Load
  • Drag and Drop
  • Transformations
  • Visual scripting
  • Case statements
  • If statements
  • Variables
  • Native bulk loader
  • Data extraction
  • Data integration
  • Data blending
  • Data preparation
  • Data cleansing
  • RESTful
  • Streaming (Twitter, Flume, Logs)
  • Custom data sources
  • Web services
  • Files
  • Databases
  • Full load, incremental load
  • Multi-user support
  • Groups and roles
  • Data store security
  • Multi-threads, concurrent processing
  • Big data integration
  • Data ingestion
  • Schedule workflow
  • Workflow administration
  • User security
  • Audit
  • API
  • Built-in widgets
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accel-DS Data Integrator helps businesses reduce the cost, complexity and time to implement data integration and data quality solutions.

Integrate data from any database, XML, JSON, WSDL, streams (Twitter, Sys Log).

accel-DS Data Integrator provides zero coding technology. No SQL or ETL knowledge needed, just drag & drop data sources.

Ingest data from a web service or RESTful API in few simple steps. USPS, White Pages, D&B, REST APIs are available, out-of-box preconfigured.

Built grounds up for big data, ingest, cleanse and transform data from any data source into Hadoop / big data.

Built-in wizards allow users to ingest data from streaming services such as Twitter, SysLog in real time eliminates any Java, .NET coding expertise.