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Aptilo overview

What is Aptilo?

Large corporations have an increasing number of business relationships with many external parties. The efficiency and effectiveness of these relationships are paramount to the success of the company. Although customers, business partners and key stakeholders spend an increasing amount of time at your offices, they may not have access to their corporate resources in a quick and easy manner.

The purpose of Guest Internet Services is to allow customers, business partners and key stakeholders to use wireless technology to access their corporate resources from your office in a secure way. The benefit is increased productivity for both your staff and your visitors, enabling higher value business relationships.

Aptilo’s solution makes it possible to securely manage centrally controlled wireless guest Internet access in complex multi-site global networks.

The Aptilo Guest Internet Access solution is designed to work seamlessly with the infrastructure typically found in large corporations. Often, these enterprises have several satellite, or even temporary offices sitting outside the Wide Area Network (WAN), in addition to numerous sites within the network. Aptilo’s systems can employ redundant pairs of high-performance access controllers at the regional breakout points to the Internet, and smaller access controllers at the local offices outside the WAN, to connect them to the corporate office -- all managed from a central point. With this regional, centralized design, Aptilo’s solution can ensure that the guest Internet access experience is seamless not only for guests, but for employees responsible for deploying and managing the service as well.

For networks already having a Wi-Fi infrastructure with access control functionality, such as the Cisco WLC architecture, there is no need to add any network equipment at all at the customer premises. However, to support a heterogeneous network with Wi-Fi equipment from different vendors or add value added functionality such as controlled automatic login of returning users or traceability of usage through legal intercept, the purpose built Aptilo Access Controller™ can be deployed behind the existing access gateways.

Aptilo have vast experience in deploying Guest Internet Access in large organizations. Our professional services can help you to build the right processes and train your staff based on our experience with several fortune 500 companies.

Aptilo’s flexible architecture can be easily customized to suit customers’ unique needs/business locations (globally and regional). This can be for instance different languages and specific local information on the splash pages (log-in portals). We support all Wi-Fi vendors including the leading vendors in the enterprise segment Cisco WLC, HP ProCurve, Aruba and Motorola.

Aptilo’s solution simplifies administration, a tremendous benefit for IT staff that will have a very limited workload in the daily operation. For instance, Aptilo’s solution features an online voucher generator that creates access codes for guests. Rather than having to maintain long lists of vouchers (with availability etc.), reception or employees can create a voucher online at the Guest Provisioning Portal and define how long the access code should stay active. This is ideal for organizations that have a mix of temporary guests and consultants that may stay for months.

You can centrally manage and setup policies for the administration of access codes and then delegate the account creation out in the local organization. Different employees can have different rights to create access codes and the GUI can be tailored for different staff e.g. reception, departments, secretaries and HR etc.


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Aptilo features

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Key features of Aptilo

  • Batch voucher creation
  • Carrier grade stability and scalability
  • Comprehensive access rights management
  • Flexible accounts in time (day, period, month)
  • Group accounts for larger events
  • Guest login portals can be tailored for different sites
  • Interoperable will all leading Wi-Fi vendors including Cisco
  • Low administration burden in daily operation
  • On-line voucher generator
  • SMS delivery of access codes
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Aptilo Guest Internet Services is Simple and Convenient for the Business Operation department:

-Simple administration of guest accounts
-Can be handled by reception or any employee
-Visitor self sign-up possible with verification via SMS or Zero Credit Card charging

Aptilo Guest Internet Services is Secure and Reliable for the IT-Department:

-Central Management and control
-Secure separation of traffic
-Integration with Active Directory
-Support for all Wi-Fi vendors
-Multi-language login portal with auto-detection
-Traceability of user and usage
-Flexible and unlimited portal design capability
-PDA format detection