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Azure Costs

Azure cloud cost management & optimization

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Azure Costs overview

What is Azure Costs?

Azure Costs is a cloud financial solution to track spendings, optimize costs, and govern finances for the Microsoft Azure cloud. The solution enables customers to realize departmental cross charging without giving non technical users access to the Azure Management Portal. Support for Azure Cloud Solution Providers including the complex N-Tier business model is also available, and allows to build spending management and billing system in a single pane of glass solution.

Track critical trends and spikes with Azure Costs, and identify and understand cost drivers with features such as 'AutoImport' spending data, spending dashboards, data grouping, mail reports, cost alerts, and more. Oversee all cloud costs centrally to act upon those facts using trend analytics, resource tagging, spending filters, spending breakdowns, and more.

Give the target audience all cost and KPI information they need, on a regular basis. Departmental chargeback tracking enables users to manage allocations and create cost transparency, to assure the business stays on budget, even across departments.


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Azure Costs pricing

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Basic: free

Startup: $29/month

Professional: $79/month

Enterprise: $199/month

Azure Costs features

Activity Dashboard
Alerts / Escalation
Permission Management

Access Control (151 other apps)
Activity Tracking (106 other apps)
Auditing (107 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (153 other apps)
Collaboration Tools (105 other apps)
Compliance Management (111 other apps)
Data Import/Export (139 other apps)
Data Visualization (100 other apps)
Drag & Drop Interface (110 other apps)
Real Time Data (100 other apps)
Real Time Monitoring (126 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (152 other apps)
Role-Based Permissions (96 other apps)
Third Party Integration (203 other apps)
Workflow Management (129 other apps)

Additional information for Azure Costs

Key features of Azure Costs

  • Capacity analytics
  • Performance analytics
  • Supply monitoring
  • Demand monitoring
  • Cost management
  • Billing & provisioning
  • Multi-cloud management
  • AutoImport spending data
  • Spending dashboards
  • Advanced data grouping
  • Mail reports
  • Cost alerts
  • Instant data sync
  • Multi contract support
  • Multi user support
  • Trend analytics
  • Resource tagging
  • Spending filters
  • Spending breakdown in reports
  • Team & enterprise support
  • Data access via RESTful API
  • Customizable data widgets
  • Team spending filters
  • Branding
  • Customer sub domain
  • Subscription based permissions
  • Azure Active Directory support
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Focus on enterprise needs without requiring technical permissions to the Azure Portal allows a differentiation between operational and financial departments.

Identify and understand cost drivers and spikes with customizable dashboards, mail reports and alerts.

Optimize spendings with trend analytics, resource tagging and spending breakdowns.

Govern finances with reporting for operations, finance and management.

Official support for Azure CSPs including features for solving N-tier business problem.