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Business user case study of Canvas

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Jason (GoCanvas)

Jason: So to access our case studies first of all; you go to the about section of our website and then on our blog, case studies is the first category there. This is where we basically try to get as many as customer stories as we can. We really have some awesome ones just about how people have leverage canvas to stream on their processes and replace a lot of their forms with mobile apps.
There's a lot of different industries: there's farmers on here; there's electricians; there's fire departments; there's a moving company and we can dive into this.

Jimmy: Yeah, let's check one up.

Jason: Texas moving company, so these guys, and their company called AB Moving. They have a fleet of over 70 trucks. They're serving customers in the Texas area and they do about 700 jobs each week.
Before Canvas, they were doing a lot of, kind of typical things that you might expect a moving company to do; so you're having to put in information about customers and location, job, data rounds, what they move, trying to keep track if something was damage before the move versus after, and lots of outputs done on paper.

Jimmy: Okay. So one of their customers would call in they'd say, "Hey, I need to get something move," maybe over the phone or whatever they can get all the details sorted out. Once the mover actually gets to the customer's home or business or whatever; then they have an additional series of forms that they need the customer to fill out, is this correct?

Jason: Correct, yup. So even before that, I guess as part of that, in the past they would have had all the movers would actually come to the office every single day and pick up a stack of paper work with all the job they need to do and the customer information.

Jimmy: Right. And they'd be driving around all day with these stacks of paper on the passenger side?

Jason: Absolutely.

Jimmy: Okay. So how did they come about the number of money that they saved in a year?

Jason: I guess they split it out a couple of different ways; they're doing some payment processing; so they're saving a lot of money that way. They're also breaking out how much time they actually spent trying to match up everything. Once the information was captured; someone in the office would have to match up the initial job with the contract with the receipt; get the invoice back to the customer; take all these stacks of paper; and do a lot of manual data entry to get into their systems. That was taking a ton of time.

Jimmy: Right, absolutely.

Jason: Yeah. It's really cool to see stories like this. You're saving money on it. They're sort of a measureable time savings angle but then there's just, there's a cool angle with AB Moving I think that they told us about where, I guess you'd consider it kind of customer satisfaction. In the past they would sometimes they might get a call from a customer saying, "Hey, why is this table damage? You guys definitely did that during the move. I want to get reimburse for this." And now they are actually taking sort of sign off these items that are damage on them maybe have that damage before the move so then…

Jimmy: Yeah, you can get the customer sign off on this.

Jason: Absolutely, yeah.

Jimmy: Oh, that's great! That's a really good idea: you take a picture before the move or either after the move and the customer signs off; and you don't have any problems.

Jason: Yup, totally. So it cuts down a lot of their complaints and it’s a lot more of a transparent way to do things and they get everyone from both sides to appreciate that.