Getting Canvas to create your forms for you


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Getting Canvas to create your forms for you

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Jason (GoCanvas)

Jason: They would go to the Send us your form page and put in what the document was. And then we ask people to share their apps. One thing that we have, we have these 15,000 templates in our library and a lot of that is actually crowd source; so it's pretty cool.
We get a lot of our customers and our users just being willing to share their form or their app with other people; so it’s a way to help us build content and also just a way for other people to get back and share with the community.

Jimmy: Okay.

Jason: Usually, its step one is just taking one of these things. What will do a lot of times is…

Jimmy: So let's say for example, I had a realty business or something like that and I have a form that customers would fill out when they came into my office for a visit. I can take that paper form and send it to you? Or I could like photocopy it or something and upload it here and you guys would turn that into a digital form?

Jason: Correct, yup.

Jimmy: Okay.

Jason: So we do in that case is if you send us the form, we'd have it ready in about three days. We'd give you a call or an email and get you on a personalized one-on-one demo and show you what that looks like.