How to edit an existing form in Canvas


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How to edit an existing form in Canvas

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Jason (GoCanvas)

Jason: Yeah, you can browse the application stores pretty broad; so we had it setup so that you can browse by industry, which we call categories and there are sub-categories. Imagine you're in accommodation with services industry and you can drill down into any of these.
Hey, I'm in food service, for example. Maybe I just want to us to want see what one is this is. If you click try it free on here and that launches you into the 30 day free trial sign-up.

Jimmy: Okay.

Jason: And then I guess one thing I'd probably want to do is, so people get these in a lot of times they want to customize it, right? They want to add their own business name and maybe they want to have different fields of information they want to capture. Let me show you kind of what that whole customization process looks like.
I am now logged in to my account. Here's where I have a view on all the apps that I have. Our goal isn't just to place a single paper form or process for a company; we want to do all of them.
So here you have a lot of different apps, different forms…

Jimmy: Can we go in and create one from scratch?

Jason: We could do that, yeah! Do you want to do that first or I can show you how to edit this one. It's probably easier if I just show you how to edit this one.

Jimmy: Okay.

Jason: So here's sort of a plumbing invoice page. There's a lot of kind of features under the covers but if you just want to edit this; this will open up our application builder. I'll show you what it looks like.
Essentially, the Canvas app is comprised of screens. We have different screens here; you got your job information screen; or building information screen,; work parts; labour; etc. Within each screen is different fields where you can basically customize what you want on each screen.

Jimmy: Okay.

Jason: This is the first screen for job information, you have; job name, the date, the time, and then who the order's taken by. Let's say I wanted to add a little text box for description; we'll just drag this in; and click done.
And there's your description field. We also have lot of other things; you can put in a web link if you wanted people to put on this out to be able to pull up a website where a bunch of items or parts and descriptions, or maybe air-conditioned models or whatever that is so that could kind of learn more about a particular job or task as they are doing this.
So there's a lot of cool things you could do; you could drag in, "Hey, I want someone to capture an image at the stage," do that.

Jimmy: Right now we're editing one that we've already created?

Jason: Yup. We already had this app. Let's stay we got this from our application stored. We just wanted to change a little bit of it. That's what we're doing right now; we're dragging in different fields or customize what we want on each screen. Essentially, you can navigate the screen on the side; on the left or on the bottom.