Integrations available to sync information in Canvas


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Integrations available to sync information in Canvas

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Jason (GoCanvas)

Jason: To Canvas, we have an open API. I believed that's available as sort of part of our pre-plan essentially. You can push data into Canvas through API, but you can also kind of pull it out. There's a lot of flexibility in what you do with the data.
If you want part of an app pre-populated with something from your CRM; you could do that if you want. The data that's captured to be programmatically pushed into your CRM; you can do that. We sort of leave it up to our customers to handle that but we do have an integration services team. We're happy to do some custom work for people, it's a make sense and If they’re interested.

Jimmy: Is there an area where a user can find more information on these integrations?

Jason: So yeah. Here's our Help cloud audit. There's a little bit here and there's PDF and sort of sample code on how to do this.

Jimmy: Okay.

Jason: But if you're technical at all, you can figure it out pretty quickly. But we sort of have that all layout of how it all works here.

Jimmy: So then this could in effect lead someone to automatically go through some processes in their CRM and have that sync up to here through your API and kind of make things little bit more automated?

Jason: Yes, definitely.

Jimmy: And vice versa. Everything that's happening within Canvas, automatically be pushed out to that CRM?

Jason: Yup.

Jimmy: Okay.

Jason: Then we have some cool things people have done. We have one client that created a bunch of tabloid reports based on kind of all the submissions that they're doing at different job sites, kind of a cross-country. And I got that updating real time, which is really cool. More simple stuffs like the ability to get data into QuickBooks, is one thing that we’ve seen, pretty popular. So we could do that.