Previewing forms from the Canvas form library


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Previewing forms from the Canvas form library

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Jason (GoCanvas)

Jason: Yes. So with every app when you're on it at app page, we have some details on; what features maybe works well with here. A short description and categories; tags; and also some related apps that maybe this isn't the right one for you. Hey I can see some other ones that maybe related.

Jimmy: Okay. So to try it for free and to actually take all the fields and everything; we'd have to sign up as a trial user at a minimum?

Jason: Correct, yes.

Jimmy: Okay. Once we sign up, then we can go and check this out and start capturing information?

Jason: Yeah. Once you sign up you can try it on your phone; fill it out there; you could customize it through the app builder, just drag and drop, no coding require; and just start playing around with it.

Hey, maybe its 75% of what you need but maybe you have specific field that you wanted to add based on your own business that where you'd want us to customize it for you.