The different types of businesses using forms created in Canvas


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The different types of businesses using forms created in Canvas

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Jason (GoCanvas)

Jason: So when you're in the Canvas application store; as I've mentioned it's a great place to get started with Canvas. You could search by just putting in the key word or join down by category or by type of form or sort of both; as well as country and language, and some of these other things.
But if there's anything you need specifically or any industries specifically you're curious about…

Jimmy: Well, let's just take a brief look through the category section and just get an idea of what are some of these businesses that are using it? Because you know it's really extremely broad. But just get an idea of a few. I see that beauty massage and spa, animal pet care, you know, are there any of these categories that you see that have kind of the most activity and the most users?

Jason: Yeah. That's a great question. The categories here are listed in alphabetical order but the cool thing is; we also list the number of apps in each category industry. For example, inspections and surveys, is huge with Canvas, obviously that sort of log different industries that we have 5,000 plus customizable apps templates here.

Jimmy: Okay, so for example in inspections and surveys. Let's say you are a young entrepreneur and you have a start-up idea and you're doing the typical thing which is going out and talking to people. This would be a good tool to go in and capture a lot of information.

Jason: Absolutely.

Jimmy: Okay.

Jason: Yup. Once you're in here, you could chill down; "Hey, I'm in construction," or "I'm in Healthcare" or "government" or maybe "I am in home maintenance an inspection and here's I can get a lot of ideas on different things I could be doing."