The form configuration options in Canvas


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The form configuration options in Canvas

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Jason (GoCanvas)

Jason: We are on in individual app screen. This is where all the options are for people to configure it with different ways you can; easily added it and that launches into the application builder.
Down here tells you sort of what status of an app is. Let's say it's pending; maybe we've started it, we've saved it but we haven’t actually published it. Retired means it doesn't necessary delete it; you can do that but you just want to keep it as a template for later. But they don't want to show up on mobile devices and they could retire it.

Jimmy: Right.

Jason: Right now you can see we are in version 8 because we've modified this eight times. You can quickly get a snapshot of just a number of submissions that's happening on a weekly, month, or yearly basis with a given app here; it's just sort of interesting.
You can see down here is all about who's actually using this app. We have the ability for customers to assign on different users or group of users to an app. So maybe you'd have one part of your business that would have five apps, and another part of your business might have like one app. You can do all that here.
Down here, there are a lot of sort of other options: you could copy this; you can look at the PDF preview; you can change the numbering, the email options, and the PDF options. We are actually pretty close to announcing a pretty major feature release on letting people capture payment within any app.

Jimmy: Oh, wow! That's going to be great,

Jason: It's going to be huge, yeah.

Jimmy: So then somebody will be able to go out to a job site or a job location or whatever and actually go in capture information and actually process a payment while they are on site.

Jason: Correct, yup. They would just be able to type in a credit card number, debit card number or even swipe a card.

Jimmy: Okay, so as of today, today is February 9th, 2015, approximately what's kind of the timeline for this feature to be released? Approximately!

Jason: Approximately would be, I'd say February 16th.

Jimmy: Okay, so that's around…

Jason: Around very close, yeah. You can see sort of the framework is in place now; we just are gearing up for a full marketing launch. Yeah, it's pretty close.

Jimmy: Okay, this is great. By the time our audience sees this, that will 100% be implemented then, great!

Jason: Awesome. Yeah, we're really excited; can't want to get some feedback. There's a couple of other options here; there's the ability to choose a custom icon.
One thing that's pretty cool is we have the ability to dispatch different apps or different jobs to people. Instead of them having to basically know what they should be doing on a given day; an admin could say, taking the plumbing example, "Today you need to go to Joe's house and Mike's house and fix some towels and do this particular thing."

Jimmy: Okay.

Jason: Right now, we have dispatch enable on this app. We can then go into our dispatch section and create a dispatch from here. You can do this manually, but a lot of people just do it programmatically here; you know they automate this based on uploading a big [00:04:29:05], the time in, the day of [00:04:33:03].

Jimmy: Okay.

Jason: You could basically, in this case, fill out the job information or parts of the app and then have that automatically sent out or schedule for late.