View a form on an smartphone after creating it in Canvas


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View a form on an smartphone after creating it in Canvas

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Jason (GoCanvas)

Jason: Now let's say we've finish editing and hit save. You can save and just get out of here; you can just save and keep going; or save, close and publish. Will actually bring up the ability for you to then get a push of notification out to anyone who's been assigned to this particular app.

Jimmy: Okay.

Jason: We'll publish it.

Jimmy: So now what we'll see is the app that has been published?

Jason: Yes. I'm trying to bring up, here's an app called Reflector on MacBooks that should actually mirror my screen on my phone. Here we go.

Jimmy: Okay.

Jason: Let's say I'm just one of the 50 or how many users using this app. One in the office, maybe my admin wanted to change it on a Fri; and then I get a push notification saying, "Hey, there's a new version up." And I'll open canvas and go through here and I can start actually selling out this app.
So plumbing invoice is what we just customize. This is sort of the view of what it looks like if someone wants to fill out one of these on a mobile device. And we also work on Windows but it's primarily in IOS and Android. Still have some people using BlackBerrys, but yeah.