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Cloud-based Computer Diagnostic App

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CID overview

CID makes computer monitoring easy by using a unique approach to diagnostic data. Instead of the typical spreadsheet or infographic, CID creates a beautiful and useful visualization of your networked computers that you’ll want to look at. CID will display each computer as a star in an elegant and realistic starfield.

The field of stars provides you with an intuitive and holistic view of your computers’ health statistics. Whether you have 5 or 1,000 computers, a quick glance is all it takes to identify a collapsing star as a computer in need of attention many times before the devices user has even reported a problem. Double-clicking the star will provide more nuanced information about the computer that aids in analysis and error prevention.

Computer errors cause downtime that can result in lost time, money, and reputation. CID helps you avoid these situations. CID’s goal is to help you identify potential computer problems before they cause a shutdown and to provide you with the most relevant data to troubleshoot problems quickly and efficiently.

CID is always working to provide you with up to date information about your computers. The CID client can collect data from any Windows OS (XP or newer). A small (<5MB) file is installed on each computer to gather over 30 different data points. This information is reported securely to the web application. The web application also provides the tools to manage new users and user groups. The CID web application can be used on any device with a modern web browser.

And when you’re away, you can choose to have CID notify you of potential problems by computer, email, or text. Whether you’re a small business, an IT consultant managing multiple businesses, or a company with a large network of computers, CID has a plan for you. Go to to learn how CID can work for you and start your free trial today!


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Real Time Monitoring

API (260 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (117 other apps)
Activity Tracking (66 other apps)
Alerts / Escalation (56 other apps)
Application Integration (68 other apps)
Auditing (81 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (102 other apps)
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Drag & Drop Interface (86 other apps)
Real Time Data (77 other apps)
Real Time Reporting (65 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (71 other apps)
SSL Security (69 other apps)
Third Party Integration (116 other apps)
Workflow Management (73 other apps)

Additional information for CID

Key features of CID

  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Unique data visualization & diagnostics
  • Computer health data
  • Quick install
  • Secure data access
  • Custom users
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Customizable diagnostics and thresholds
  • Multiple user management
  • Simple & quick install
  • Real time monitoring
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Visual Solution
CID lets you stare into the stars while you work. The high quality visuals are engaging and recognizing computer errors is quick and intuitive. You may even find routine IT tasks more enjoyable when working with CID.

Computer Health Data
CID prioritizes four key statistics for routine monitoring on the Star Visualization, but provides you with more detailed information for troubleshooting and analysis a click away. Organizing the information in this hierarchy helps prioritize IT concerns and use resources more efficiently.

Error Identification
With up-to-date data, administrators can identify possible errors proactively before a shutdown is reported by the user which saves your organization valuable time and opportunities. Troubleshooting errors is also easy with accurate detailed data that diagnoses or eliminates the most common errors.

Simple Setup & Install
CID uses a small (<5MB) .exe file to gather health information from your computers. Once the file is installed, your computers will report their health to the web application immediately. You’ll be able to access the Star Visualization from any device with a modern browser. CID can also notify you of alerts on your computer, through text, or by email.