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Full-stack web performance monitoring and analytics

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CoScale overview

What is CoScale?

With actionable insights for application owners, DevOps, and marketing and business users, CoScale enables users to turn web performance into a competitive advantage. CoScale provides full-stack performance monitoring, from the browser to the web server and database, and quantifies the impact on key business metrics. CoScale also lets users see web performance in context, by tracking important events and changes, and auto-detecting anomalies, so you can act faster and with the right knowledge, when business affecting performance issues occur.

Compared to traditional deep-dive APM tools, CoScale can be used for broad performance visibility in large-scale production environments at a much more affordable cost. CoScale’s instrumentation is low overhead and non-intrusive without interference with application code or execution. It collects detailed metrics from management interfaces, log files, system tools, etc. Page load times are collected from the browser via a non-blocking javascript snippet. Business metrics and events are collected from via 3rd party and custom integrations.

CoScale integrates with tools such as Chef, Salt, and Puppet to understand the impact of new deployments or configuration changes on performance. Also other system events such as cron jobs can be tracked, as well as business and marketing events such as campaigns, promotions, etc. These events add extra context to performance anomalies for more effective problem solving.


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CoScale screenshot: CoScale web performance monitoring dashboardFull stack web performance monitoring with CoScaleCoScale screenshot: Heatmap of web request latency in CoScaleCoScale screenshot: Cron job monitoring in CoScaleCoScale screenshot: Conversion funnel showing the impact of performance on conversion in CoScaleCoScale screenshot: Full stack web performance monitoring from browswer to web server and databaseCoScale screenshotCoScale screenshot: Docker and Kubernetes MonitoringCoScale screenshot: Container and cluster monitoringCoScale screenshot: Anomaly detectionCoScale screenshot: Apache monitoring

CoScale reviews


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Thomas Mons

A great tool for DevOps & Business

Reviewed 2016-02-26
Review Source: GetApp

At In The Pocket we use CoScale to closely monitor the behavior of our Harald beacon platform. CoScale allows us to easily zoom in on the performance of the different layers of our server architecture, as well as identifying server issues. Having the ability to create custom dashboards, we can closely monitor the performance for each of our clients and get notified when something goes wrong. Their customer support is very responsive and has helped us to maximize the platform's capabilities to the fullest.

Extensive metrics, custom dashboards and responsive customer support

Loading times are sometimes taking a bit long, but this has been improved significantly over the last few weeks

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Andy Mommerency

The right tool for the job

Reviewed 2016-01-12
Review Source: GetApp

The content on our operations dashboard wall is powered by CoScale. I find it very flexible to setup, easy to manage and clear to look at. We can closely monitor all relevant parameters of our platform and whenever something is going on, the dashboards help us narrow down and identify the issue. Features like alerts, metrics reports, events... make it stand out even more. CoScale shows a lot of commitment towards our business and their helpdesk is a breeze to work with.

support is very responsive and committed development is very active: bugs are fixed and features are added frequently

At this moment only Chrome browser is fully supported, using other browsers can impact functionality.

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CoScale pricing

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Simple and affordable pricing packages without complex add-ons or modules.
Pricing starts at €50 per server, including server & application monitoring, container monitoring, real user monitoring, unlimited business and custom metrics, events, anomaly detection, etc.
Monthly and annual subscriptions.
Saas and on-premise version available.
Free trial during the first 30 days.
Technical support is included in pricing.

CoScale features

Data Visualization
Real Time Monitoring

Access Control (154 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (208 other apps)
Activity Tracking (109 other apps)
Alerts / Escalation (110 other apps)
Auditing (109 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (156 other apps)
Collaboration Tools (107 other apps)
Compliance Management (113 other apps)
Data Import/Export (142 other apps)
Drag & Drop Interface (110 other apps)
Permission Management (96 other apps)
Real Time Data (101 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (158 other apps)
Role-Based Permissions (96 other apps)
Third Party Integration (209 other apps)
Workflow Management (132 other apps)

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Key features of CoScale

  • Static & predictive alerts, and automatic anomaly detectio
  • Full stack application monitoring via plugins
  • Front-end and back-end performance metrics
  • Share insights between DevOps and business & marketing
  • Share customizable dashboards of your KPIs
  • Collect server, app, user and business metrics
  • Combine tiles, charts, heatmaps and other widgets.
  • Pinpoint the source of web performance issues
  • Metrics from eCommerce platforms such as Magento
  • Real-time and historic data
  • Combine technical, user, and business metrics
  • Rich library of plugins and integrations
  • Role based access and sharing of dashboards
  • Real time alerting and anomaly detection
  • Monitor page load time from the browser
  • Lightweight and optimized for production use
  • Quantify how web performance affects conversion
  • Gain contextual insight from metrics and events
  • Understand key events that impact web performance
  • Include business metrics such as revenue, conversion, etc.
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- All-in-one monitoring: combine server, application and real user monitoring with business and custom metrics.
- Event integration: contextual insight into performance affecting events such as new deployments, config changes, cron jobs, marketing campaigns, etc.
- Low overhead and affordable pricing, optimized for production usage on your entire infrastructure.
- Powered by analytics and anomaly detection to detect and resolve performance issues before business is impacted
- Customizable dashboards to share between DevOps, marketing and business stakeholders