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Michael Horstmann

Pager Duty - Proof you get what you pay for


We immediately handled the overflow of noise from Nagios, AppDynamics, Dotcom-Monitor, SCOM(from our dc provider) and were able to drop a cellular device using the centralized phone contact with Pager-Duty.


I tried a competitor's product which was a free notification manager up to 11 people. It took me 3 days to get anywhere with a basic task of integrating 3 of our noisiest alerts. Then I tried the PagerDuty trial and got 2 of our noisiest alerts built out in 1 day. I added 3 more over the next 2 days to go well over the targeted mark. Coworkers were excited to help put time and effort into the system as opposed to the free tool which I couldn't seem to get any traction with. The alerts were immediately available, they were easy to get posting to my cell phone, and adding additional users was a cinch. The tool unfolds and becomes more useful the more time you put into it where some tools you struggle to get right and then you're afraid to make changes.


The UI is a bit quirky in the scheduler which is a pretty important view if you have a rotating on-call shift you're trying to tie down. There was a lot of "can't delete before you delete elsewhere" scenarios where there could have been a "will also delete these elsewhere, are you sure?" scenarios. What you gain in ease of use and stability in the mobile platform you lose in overall functionality, it is simple almost to a fault and while it seems silly there's no skinning of the mobile app to better suit your personality in a hyper-customized world. I'll know shortly if they're willing to go longer but they seem to be sticklers for the exact trial length + only a little. Corporations interested in putting in a full month long or longer trial that may need that amount of time to show value, create a SOW, and have a PO issued may be stuck in limbo for a few weeks.

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