ECGridOS Features


EDI VAN Ops API for Communications and Trading partner Management

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ECGridOS Feature Summary

  • Create and control Your EDI Network
  • al VAN ops kernel API grants control to your applications
  • ECGrid network operating since 2001 <10 hrs downtime !since
  • Loren Data Corp 25 years in business
  • You get the full privileges of a node on ECGrid
  • Send EDI messages via API or standard FTP / AS2
  • Create mailboxes, user instances, interconnects, reports
  • Wholesale Network Rates Professional eCommerce Providers
  • Create instant AS2 hubs on demand, manage certificates
  • VAN and AS2 traffic co-exist without mental strain...

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ECGridOS Feature Reviews

1 reviewers had the following to say about ECGridOS's features:

Rick Hook

Great conbination of EDI and SaaS


This is a compelling set of APIs for Cloud integration services.

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