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Electronic Archiving

Automated policy-based archiving solution

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Electronic Archiving overview

What is Electronic Archiving?

Storagepipe's Electronic Archiving service provides an automated policy-based archiving solution to create point-in-time archives that move older and inactive data off of production equipement and out of normal active backup cycles.

Electronic Archiving is a perfect solution for any organization that is required to store data for an extended amount of time (unlimited). Data is housed in an environmentally controlled area that is specifically designed for long term data storage. Archived data is viewable on-line, organized hierarchically and can be retrieved at any time.

Data archives are copies of active or inactive data from online storage copied to offline storage. Archives are used to keep point-in-time copies of important data for many reasons including regulatory or bookkeeping requirements.

Managed data archives implemented by Storagepipe are managed for a defined lifetime through the policy-automation engine, just like backed-up data. You can quickly and easily retrieve the archived data, control and manage your data and effectively extend your data storage capabilities without the need for more expensive online storage.

Electronic archiving eliminates any worry about: media corruption; obsolescence; storage conditions; retrieval; hardware obsolescence and malfunctions; media alignment issues; oxidization; and re-catalogue and sorting issues.

Storagepipe Electronic Archiving also helps facilitate compliance with regulatory compliance requirements, increases the capacity of production servers and shrinks backup windows.


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Key features of Electronic Archiving

  • Customers can easily retrieve archived data online without s
  • Significantly reduce operations costs
  • Extend data storage capabilities without infrastructure chan
  • Reduce complexity
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# Customers can easily retrieve archived data online without specialized procedures
# Significantly reduce operations costs
# Extend data storage capabilities without infrastructure changes
# Reduce complexity
# Shorten archive and restore times
# Facilitates compliance