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Google Cloud Monitoring API

Cloud Monitoring API

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Google Cloud Monitoring API overview

What is Google Cloud Monitoring API?

Google Cloud Monitoring API is a Read API that allows you to monitor and query your application data related to Google Cloud and Google Developer offerings. This data can be used to improve visualization and generate alerts to help you optimize your use of the Google Cloud products and identify and tackle issues in a more timely manner. Google Cloud data is sorted into metrics, a metric describes the kind of data that is being collected. These metrics are stored as data points over time. Data points represent queries, or information, such as CPU utilization. A historical record of these data points is referred to as a time series.

By using Google Cloud Monitoring API you can run queries for a variety of metrics. You can query the API for time series data related to a metric, the response will provide further information about the metric in the form of labels. These labels can be used to find monitoring data related to specific time zones or specific virtual machines. You can use the Cloud Monitoring Read API to access metrics on CPU usage, disk I/O, and more. You can then use the Graphite open-source monitoring tool to combine this data into pre-existing graphs. Other 3rd party monitoring tools can also be used with Google Cloud Monitoring.


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Google Cloud Monitoring API screenshot: Using Java for TimeseriesDescriptors in Google Cloud Monitoring APIGoogle Cloud Monitoring API screenshot: MetricDescriptors in Google Cloud Monitoring APIGoogle Cloud Monitoring API screenshot: Response describing two different disk resources that have time series that you can query in Google Cloud Monitoring APIGoogle Cloud Monitoring API screenshot: Supported metrics for Google Cloud Monitoring API

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Panneer Selvam

Google Cloud API

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Reviewed 2019-02-21
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The Speed, Reliability and the topmost thing is the cost, apart from the this the VM's Virtual Machines pay per usage. when you don't need the cluster or once the job is being completed you can just shut down the cluster.

The Google Cloud Platform GCP is the best I have ever come across with the Compute Engines, Dataproc, Cloud Storage, Big Query, Big Table and API service Its being filled with ML [Machine Learning API] especially the image processing API.

The GCP API's User Interface is filled with lot of options, So getting familiar with navigation is bit difficult

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Google Cloud Monitoring API features

Third Party Integration

Access Control (154 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (207 other apps)
Activity Tracking (109 other apps)
Alerts / Escalation (109 other apps)
Auditing (109 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (154 other apps)
Collaboration Tools (106 other apps)
Compliance Management (112 other apps)
Data Import/Export (141 other apps)
Data Visualization (102 other apps)
Drag & Drop Interface (110 other apps)
Permission Management (96 other apps)
Real Time Data (101 other apps)
Real Time Monitoring (127 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (155 other apps)
Role-Based Permissions (96 other apps)
Workflow Management (132 other apps)

Additional information for Google Cloud Monitoring API

Key features of Google Cloud Monitoring API

  • Past 30-day queries
  • Read data utilization
  • 3rd Party integrations
  • See Delta counts
  • Open API
  • Historical records/ time series
  • Filter data by lables
  • Metrics masured every minute
  • Multiple supported metrics
  • Time series descriptors
  • See CPU usage time
  • Resource identification
  • Compute Engine Metrics
  • Cloud SQL Metrics
  • Cloud PubSub Metrics
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Currently, reading metric time series data from the following Cloud Platform services are supported by the Cloud Monitoring Read API:

- Google Compute Engine - 13 metrics
- Google Cloud SQL - 12 metrics
- Google Cloud Pub/Sub - 14 metrics

Third party integration is possible with other monitoring services

Use Google Cloud Monitoring to read and query data from the last 30 days, or from the current point in time.

Set up labels to filter data so that you only that he information you want to see.

New tools for developers using Google Cloud Monitoring include Cloud Save, CloudDebugger, and Cloud Trace, which lets you see if changes you have made have affected your application speed.

Google has a growing list of metrics the API supports. These can be view on the Google developers webpage.