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Halp overview

What is Halp?

Halp is a conversational ticketing solution for modern IT and Ops teams to assign, prioritize, manage and report on requests from Slack. It’s used every day by internal operations teams at Adobe, Home Depot, GitHub, Slack, ClassPass, and many more.

Opening up a ticket is as simple as adding a ?emoji (aka :ticket:) to a comment or direct message. The Halp ticket then threads each conversation and empowers your agents to edit fields, add private notes, and resolve the issue without ever leaving Slack's interface.

Halp’s web view allows teams to manage tickets, build custom forms, automate redundant requests, and track your team’s overall performance. Companies using Halp get faster response times, more productive teams, and happier employees.

Halp functions as a robust ticketing system or can be integrated directly with Zendesk, Jira, ServiceNow, and other legacy ticketing systems.

Along with internal operations, many of our customers are also using Halp to provide white-glove customer service through shared Slack Channels. Halp makes your team more productive by dramatically reducing ticket resolution time without adding awkward barriers between your agents and their colleagues.


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Halp screenshot: Slack messages in public or private channels can be marked with the ticket or custom emoji and turned into a trackable ticket.Halp | Introducing HalpHalp screenshot: Agents and admins can create custom fields to track the values of different properties on ticketsHalp screenshot: Reduce context switching and capture requests where people are already communicating with you.Halp screenshot: Ticket rules can result in a ticket being routed to a different triage channel based on a specific conditionHalp screenshot: Halp has a new “App Home” experience in Slack!
App Home is a great way for anyone (Agents and End-users alike) to quickly find tickets that they may need to take action on or reference.

Halp user reviews


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Randy T.

Great Product, Great People.

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2020-01-09
Review Source: Capterra

Every single person I have interacted with at Halp is passionate about the product and how it can help me. They are super supportive and knowledgeable, so not only do they listen to my feedback, but they have great ideas of how to use Halp fully with the other tools I have.

I am in an environment with Slack and Zendesk used heavily. I love that I now have these tied together in an easy way to be able to quickly push tickets without even having to go back to the web interface. There own ticketing system backend is ever improving and I fully intend to move my IT team off of Zendesk and over to Halp fully, hopefully within this next year. Also, the BetterCloud integration to be able to kick off workflows is AWESOME.

They did originate as BubbleIQ and have grown into what they are now. Because of this, the feature set it still growing. That is not a horrible Con, as they are actively growing the feature set and constantly seek input from customers to determine the best roadmap.

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Halp offers a 14-day free trial, after which their self-serve pricing starts at $25/agent/month.

Team tier: $25 per helpdesk agent per month

Professional tier: $50 per helpdesk agent per month

Enterprise tier: please contact Halp

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• Halp automates ticketing workflows by recognizing an emoji and command in Slack.
• Improve reporting by quickly creating tickets in Slack.
• Ticket updates are synced with real-time Slack interface.
• Quickly assign tickets to appropriate teams and channels.
• Customize Halp settings according to team preferences.