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Helix TCM

Test case management tool with tracking and reuse features

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Helix TCM overview

What is Helix TCM?

Helix TCM is a test case management software solution that sits within Perforce's Development Lifecycle Management product, the modular Helix ALM suite. Available alongside the fully integrated Helix IM (Issue Management) and RM (Requirements Management) modules, Helix TCM can also be deployed standalone on 12-month license subscriptions, both on-premise or within the cloud. Boasting a single, centralized pane of glass, Helix TCM allows users to write, execute, and view the results of test cases without the requirement, knowledge and switching between numerous applications. Billed as an an enterprise-level test case management tool, combination use within Helix ALM promises enhanced functionality including the option to derive test cases from requirements, creating them automatically pre-linked.

Presenting the results of both automated and manual test runs in one place, Helix TCM is capable of creating and running all test case types. Including functional, validation, performance, regression, acceptance, safety and security varieties; the software makes it immediately clear how complete each test is with updates on progress. Test steps can also be reused to minimize unnecessary repeated manual work, in favor of creating a single test that can be applied to a multitude of cases. Defects can be created from failed test runs, while traceability features include the automatic instant creation of a traceability matrix that ties test cases to requirements. Native integration with JIRA and support for other testing tools such as QA Wizard Pro and HP QuickTest Pro etc suggests that Helix TCM can be fitted seamlessly into an existing application infrastructure and project lifecycle, with other custom tool integration made possible with the system's SOAP-based SDK.


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Helix TCM screenshot: Customizable dashboard reporting capabilities can be used to monitor test case status and results via a range of color-coded chart visualizationsHelix IntroductionHelix TCM screenshot: Testing status reports can be generated around all testing activitiesHelix TCM screenshot: Configurable task boards can be used to record and show the status of testing activities, showing here a Test Library example with Writing, Using and Retired columnsHelix TCM screenshot: The Test Runs tab within the Testing section provides a quick overview summary of how many test runs that are passed, failed or have undetermined resultsHelix TCM screenshot: The testing tab showing a test run and the steps within it, making it simple to identify those steps that are flagged as having failedHelix TCM screenshot: The software allows for the creation and running of any test case type, along with tools for tracking test results and measuring the dataHelix TCM screenshot: Helix TCM promises seamless integration into existing lifecycles and workflows thanks to ready made integration with JIRA and various popular version control applications alsoHelix TCM screenshot: The ability to reuse test steps across multiple targets reduces repeated manual work while maintaining consistency across projectsHelix TCM screenshot: Traceability features include the automatic generation of traceability matrices to ensure that requirements are linked and can be connected back to analyze change impacts and defects

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Helix TCM features

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Key features of Helix TCM

  • Feedback tracking
  • Audit management
  • Corrective Actions (CAPA)
  • Traceability matrix
  • Application integration
  • Charting
  • Progress reports
  • Summary reports
  • Tracking features
  • Activity dashboard
  • Testing management
  • Dashboard creation
  • Bug tracking
  • Version control
  • Test ordering
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Helix TCM is a test case management tool that provides a central repository for software product testing, available standalone or within the Helix ALM suite and hosted in the cloud or on-premise to give accessibility through web browser or native platform clients.

The solution claims to grant greater control and visibility over the key product testing processes spanning test case creation, scheduling, execution, measurement, and indeed the reporting of results.

Use Helix TCM to create and run any variety of test including functional, validation, performance, regression, acceptance, safety, security and more while tracking each test result and measuring progress.

The software supports and promotes the reuse of test steps to reduce manual work and raise consistency levels, allowing one test to be created and then applied to multiple targets and scenarios.

Helix TCM aids software compliance testing with the automatic generation of traceability matrices, keeping track of the impact of change on requirements and test cases, resolving defects back to source code level and also implementing mandatory sign-offs at every test step.