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iRise overview

iRise is an integrated project and requirements management solution for product managers, business analysts, and UX designers that can either be hosted in the cloud or be deployed on-premises. The software offers real-time collaboration and prototyping capabilities that enable teams to create interactive diagrams, user stories, and requirements. The solution can be used in various industries including aerospace, financial services, automotive, healthcare, publishing, retail, government, education, and construction.

iRise helps to build visually interactive prototypes that enable businesses to engage with engineers, end users, and other stakeholders and receive feedback from them. The tool lets organizations add media files, business logic, and sample data to prototypes to help gather relevant requirements information from clients.

iRise enables project managers to prioritize, sort, filter, and group requirements or other tasks in a grid layout. Users can also customize the columns and rows of the grid by dragging and dropping requirements cards from one place to another. All project-related documents are organized in a centralized repository. Clients and team members can interact and share feedback with each other in real-time using the application.

Additional features offered by iRise include project templates, asset libraries, custom documentation, automated reporting, and single sign-on. iRise integrates with Slack, Skype, Blueprint, and Atlassian JIRA. It also offers open APIs for integration with other third party applications. iRise allows users to access prototypes on their mobile devices through native apps available for iOS.


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iRise screenshot: The iRise login pageIntroduction and Tour of iRise 11iRise screenshot: The software is compatible with multiple device typesiRise screenshot: The solution offers drag & drop featuresiRise screenshot: The solution allows users to share instant feedbackiRise screenshot: The application allows users to create new projectsiRise screenshot: The software lets users create their own project templatesiRise screenshot: The solution offers integration with various third party applications

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Aisha Nancoo

iRises to the Occasion!

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-01-20
Review Source: Capterra

If you are looking for a tool that can transform the way you work, then you need to look into iRise. You can use iRise as a stand alone tool but if needed, it does integrate with other software like Jira and GitHub. Using iRise I am able to bring a visual component that is wanted and pair it with the documentation that is needed and display it all on the same screen. Beyond marrying the visual and document components, iRise gives me the ability to add action functionality to my prototypes. I am now able to have my Business Owners and End Users use the prototype like they would in production. This helps to keep our visions, stylistically and functionally in sync. We are also able to find issues with layouts, process, and function before wasting valuable time on development. Communication is key to any project and iRise enables us to collaborate within the tool. Anyone, I give review access to can comment and tie the comments right to the prototype elements and screens or the requirements. The best part, They don't need an iRise license to gain this Reviewer access! Epics, Features, User Stories and requirements can all me managed within iRise. There are attributes that you can add that aid in managing the backlog and planning sprints and more. If you do need a printout of your prototype and accompanying documentation iRise has a reporting tool with several templates that you can use. You also have the option of creating your own reports. I will advise that I am an iRise a novice. I just started to use the software three short weeks ago. In that short period of time, I have requested assistance from iRises, support staff on several occasions and in every instance they have been prompt in their chat response time- typically within 15min of my starting a session, and have been courteous and incredibly helpful. A great customer experience must be one of their closely held values because it shows in every interaction I have ever had with their staff. Overall, I have found that it is a relatively easy tool to use. I would still recommend taking the training course that is offered to have a good understanding of how it works. The requirements side of iRise could use some more attention in terms of customizing the display format to fit more users but that's a minor thing. I suggest you try iRise yourself. They have a generous trial period and it gives you full access to everything iRise has to offer, including their amazing support staff. Being able to create a prototype that looks and functions like it would in production. Being able to create and tie my requirements to the prototype for demo and development.

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Katharine Klunk

iRise is a must have for requirements and prototype management!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-01-18
Review Source: Capterra

Our company has been using iRise for about a year. In my role as a business analyst/project manager in IT, I work with business teams as well as designers and technical IT teams. iRise gives us the ability to capture requirements, create prototypes and link the two together very quickly, without needing a lot of technical know how. We are still working in our requirements/prototyping phase and have yet to work through exporting or integrating with other systems. We are currently creating a library of custom widgets for a pilot project to speed up our prototyping creation and feedback loops. This has been a little challenging and is stretching my abilities, but the customer support and tutorials are helping me tremendously. The ability to create custom widgets is a huge plus due to the many systems we maintain and want to bring into iRise in the future. iRise's customer support via chat is the best I have seen with a software tool. If I don't get an immediate response, I get an email with follow-up within the day. There have been several instances where the feature I was needing was not yet available, but on the product roadmap. I am hopeful this level of customer support continues as the company grows. We are also working towards integration with other tools in our SDLC, and the general feedback from our team has been positive. We are looking for more features to do everything we want to do, but have workarounds where needed. The addition of guides this past release has been extremely helpful, as an example. I am looking forward to continuing to learn more about iRise, try out new features, and continue to provide more value to our IT and business teams along the way. There are some features that are only available in the Studio version of the tool, but iRise has been working on getting them into the Definition Center tool, which is my primary tool.Ease of use, organization, and flexibility to create multiple types of "documentation" in one tool - like prototypes and process maps. I can link screens to steps in a business process as well as link specific requirements to a function within a screen. Demonstrating the functionality of software is a primary goal, but there is also a guide within the reviewing/playing function if a prototype is not completely hooked up. I also like that we can collaborate in real time on a project with authors, editors and viewers. The customer support is amazing!

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Jeff Sieben

Reduced Loss Rate by 55%

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-10-19
Review Source: Capterra

I love iRise! We have a strong custom development business unit, and since implementing iRise we reduced our loss rate by 55% in the year we implemented the platform. Our prospects get to see what they're getting, and they get to engage in the building of the solution, so there's a good faith understanding to purchase the solution at the end. If you sell software, you need this tool! They really should be mentioning this in The Sprint Book as a rapid prototype tool.The rapid prototyping interface. The requirements capture. The interaction with customers and prospects. The communication transition to development.

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Timothy Fuller

AMAZING Prototyping tool!

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-03-13
Review Source: Capterra

I cannot speak highly enough of iRise. It was not only intuitive for functions, but training was easy! My only two comments would be: I would love to see an eyedropper for color adjustments The widget library was hard to navigate in the beginning. After using it for some time, I knew where to find pieces. DEFINITELY get some mentor time! It increased my skill set 10x!Very intuitive!

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Tharsanan Kurukulasingam

Best App Development Software

Used other for free trial
Reviewed 2018-03-27
Review Source: Software Advice

Feedback feature is very unique and useful. It will be very helpful if you develop this functionality more.Very easy and user friendly development interface. With collaborative feedback feature it helps us to develop easily. The best feature of this software is we can build very responsive applications using exclusive setup which is very easy to configure. Its very easy to create wire frames with this software.

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iRise features

Collaboration Tools
Drag & Drop Interface
Third Party Integration

Access Control (81 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (125 other apps)
Activity Tracking (70 other apps)
Alerts / Escalation (63 other apps)
Application Integration (69 other apps)
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Additional information for iRise

Key features of iRise

  • Comments for requirements
  • User defined attributes
  • Functional modeling
  • Requirements validation
  • Collaboration tools
  • Third party integration
  • Search functionality
  • Drag & drop interface
  • Requirements management
  • Communication management
  • Collaborative review
  • Document review
  • Filtered views
  • Requirements review
  • Prioritizing
  • Configurable workflow
  • Graphical user interface
  • Agile development
  • Feedback management
  • Real time updates
  • Chat functionality
  • Offline access
  • Project templates
  • Multiple projects
  • Project management
  • Template management
  • Single sign on
  • Authentication & security
  • Automatic backup
  • API
  • Customizable templates
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• iRise helps enterprises and medium-sized businesses create interactive mobile and web-based responsive prototypes of requirements that can be easily edited and validated by stakeholders.

• iRise helps in overall process improvement by providing insights on compliance metrics, project quality, team productivity, and predictability.

• The solution ensures collaboration between team members and offers features that help to start discussion threads with clients and colleagues.

• iRise allows users to create prototypes by selecting assets from a global asset library that includes a wide range of templates, interactive widgets, icons, media files, and branded UI elements.

• The platform offers instant documentation features that allow project managers as well as UX designers to export diagrams, screens, and requirements in specified formats for easy customization.