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Leonovus Data Discovery Tool

Data management and file server migration solution

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Leonovus Data Discovery Tool overview

Leonovus' FREE Data Discovery Tool is a cloud-based data management solution, which assists businesses with file server migration and storage profile management. Key features include multi-tiered storage, reporting, data visualization, multi-cloud management, and data encryption.

The Leonovus Data Discovery Tool enables users to scan Server Message Block (SMB) network attached file storage and characterize stored data. It comes with a centralized dashboard, which helps teams visualize file storage profiles and a combination of active versus infrequently accessed data. Plus, managers can monitor the number of files, the amount of storage consumed by file type, and date of last access.

Leonovus Data Discovery Tool generates and maintains reports for multiple file servers and indexes data without making any modifications. Administrators can configure policies to automate the migration of infrequently accessed data into a secondary cloud storage, optimizing capacity management. Besides, the system maintains security controls by storing bulk and archived data as discrete, encrypted objects distributed across the hybrid multi-cloud storage.


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Leonovus Data Discovery Tool features

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Key features of Leonovus Data Discovery Tool

  • Downloadable reports
  • File last accessed analysis
  • File type analysis
  • Multiple file servers support
  • Network Scanning
  • Visualize file storage profile
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