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Real-time collaboration & design tool

2.67/5 (3 reviews)

MockFlow Feature Summary

  • Design and access your UI mockups from anywhere
  • Work as a Team. Co-edit, communicate and get feedback

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MockFlow Feature Reviews

1 reviewers had the following to say about MockFlow's features:

James Hann

I was sceptical at first.... then WOW


At this point I was sold, and had already bought the license and am I glad I did, it opened up access to all the other tools such as able to see a site map of your application designs with one click, with other tools I always had to draw those by hand, now I can just export. It also gave me access to a website builder, design collaboration and annotation, banner designer and timeline manager.


You have everything you need to plan and design your web / mobile development project in one place.


Not many cons with this, the only comment I would have is to improve the copy and paste, it uses some sort of flash technology, understandable with what it offers but it can get annoying when you're used to right hand click copy, and it does not show the copy or paste so you have to do a CTRL+C and CTLR+V to paste. (this might be a Firefox only related issue, just saying)

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