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About the Monitis IT monitoring solution

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Jason (Monitis)

Jimmy: Hi. Welcome back to another get guide brought to you by GetApp. Today, I'm joined by Jason Todd who is the sales manager over at Monitis, an IT system monitoring tool. Jason, how are you?

Jason: Good, how are you?

Jimmy: I’m doing great. So, let's see. Where do we start? So, how about you just maybe talk to me a little bit about what Monitis does, maybe some problems that it solves and who this product is really, really aimed for and who it's good for.

Jason: Sure. So, basically our product is designed for essentially anybody in the IT industry or even outside of the IT industry. To give you an insight as far as to how your applications, your website, in addition, just your overall server health is performing. So, we have a number of tools available to allow you to monitor not only externally, websites and applications, but also internally monitor those applications as well.

Jimmy: Okay. So, at what point do you see that a company begins really having a need for a tool like this? What are some of those maybe problems that they might be facing? I would really like for the person listening or watching this to be able to self-identify. So, what are some of those pain points that they're having right now that should lead them into considering Monitis as a potential solution.

Jason: Absolutely. So, some of those pain points that would come up for end-users right now would be that they're always notified that they're website is either slow or not responding. In addition, it could be that they have some application that they're trying to give out to a client and the client can't ever access the application. In addition, it could be used for shopping carts. So, they're just missing opportunities because people are going to their shopping cart, adding items but they can't complete their purchase for some reason. Our tool will give them insight to see why that's happening and how to avoid that in the future.

Jimmy: So, is it fair to assume that maybe if all of the sudden they start receiving a bunch of problem emails and stuff like that that's related to a part of their technology, their website or something, that it might be a point to where they could use a tool like Monitis to keep track and keep an eye on everything 24 hours a day?

Jason: Exactly. Correct. So, we'll be able to help them narrow down what those causes are. In addition, we'll be able to give them more insight as far as screenshots and additional information to see when those downtimes occurred and what the problem was during those downtimes.