Downloading the agent & stress testing tool


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Downloading the agent & stress testing tool

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Jason (Monitis)

Jason: Some additional items that we have here under our tools here, will allow us to download that lightweight agent. So, we can install it on our Windows or Linux server to be notified of internal problems that are going on.

In addition, we also have our web stress tester. This allows you to test a URL based on a simulated number of clients. So, this is a URL test. So, we'll enter in the URL that we'd like to test. We can enter in the duration up to 15 minutes. We can also increase the number of simulated clients. So, this is how many clients would be accessing that one URL during that 15-minute period. Then also the load location, whether it's from our US node or from our European node. Once that report runs we'll actually send out a report which will tell you the number of success, failures, if there was any error codes that were received during the test. If we download the sample report, here we can see just an example as far as how that report would look.

If we go back to the dashboard, we also have an additional web scenario stress test. So, the web stress -- or the web scenario stress test allows us to create an actual web navigation. So, similar to our transaction monitors, the web scenario stress test will create a script that allows you to navigate to a page, maybe click some additional information, maybe even login and then logout. Same thing, we click on the, 'Web Scenario Stress Test.' We can select the script that we have built or that you can request for us to assist you in building. In addition, you can select the same duration, simulated clients and that load location. Again, once that stress test is ran we'll send you a simulated -- we'll send you a report noting the simulated clients that were able to access the information or if there was any problems that arise during the testing.

Jimmy: To create the script, is this part of a specific pricing package or is this something that's like a one-off where each user just has to contact you and figure it out from there? How does this work?

Jason: Sure. So, it's -- if you have already transaction monitoring you may have scripts available. If you don't and you just want to run this, then you can just build the script using our Firefox plugin which allows you to record the script on your own. Alternatively, if you're having problems, you can always reach out to our support department and we have a full support staff available to assist our end-users in building those custom scripts that may be necessary for their unique scenario stress test.