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Two-way contact sync between your cloud applications.

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PieSync use case: Rainer Tolksdorf

Rainer Tolksdorf

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28th of June, 2016
We use PieSync for integrating SocialCRM (Nimble) with Social Media Platforms via Google Contacts

Piesync is being successfully used as central syncing tool in our Sales 2.0 toolstack. It can automatically sync contacts from XING, LinkedIn, Twitter and FaceBook to our Social CRM (NimbleCRM). This helps to reduce manual work for maintaining the contact data base to a minimum by automization. You are welcome to contact me. I stronly recommend to consider PieSync.

What do you like best?

+ solid integration with NimbleCRM and Google + personal and freindly customer support + other integrations also available + possibility to influence the development roadmap + using tags + reasonable price and pricing models

What do you dislike?

- mapping more custom fields

Why did you end up selecting PieSync over other applications?

Stable integration with NimbleCRM, Google and others. The solution get´s permanently extended.

If so, why did you switch?

PieSync was easier to use, very quickly to implement and offers several cost plans.

What is your main use case with PieSync?

Syncing Google Contacts (used on all mobile phones) with NimbleCRM.

Give one example how PieSync has improved the way your organization functions

The maintenance effort needed for the contact database is down to the minimum (almost zero).

What is your ROI?

Forget all the hours needed to push and update contact data and focus on your real work. In my case it would take several days a month to do it manually. This is all no longer needed. The cost per month for using PieSync is less than 10min of the price for my work time.

Time used

6-12 months

Rating breakdown

Value for money
Ease of use
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