Choosing the right Pulseway agent to monitor all your IT systems


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Choosing the right Pulseway agent to monitor all your IT systems

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Edgar (Pulseway)

Edgar: That's correct. Right. Let me go to the download section of the website. From here, you can see we have Agents for Windows, Agent for Linux Distributions, for Macs. We also offer wide range of APIs which you can integrate it to your enterprise applications to monitor on a deeper level.

We've had customers integrate our API into websites, web services, production services, all sorts of accounting software and ... other services. But the main usage of Pulseway is related to its agents so for Windows, it's really all about the CPU architecture of the product, of the operating systems so we have the agent for 64 bit and the 32 bit one.

Same goes for most famous Linux Distributions; Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. It's all down to downloading the correct agent for your operating system and the CPU architecture and then installing it.

Jimmy: Okay. Which types of examples are you going to walk me through?

Edgar: Today, we're going to show you an easy setup of the Windows agent. It's all about setting up the account and the enabling all the configuration, all the monitoring options we offer. So it's all about like a five-minute configuration...

So we're going to show you exactly how easy it is to setup and get going with Pulseway.