How to view a Pulseway report directly from a mobile device


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How to view a Pulseway report directly from a mobile device

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Edgar (Pulseway)

Edgar: Now if we are to go to Reports, Reporting is a powerful engine that allows you to create a summary of all systems. For instance, we can see the CPU Usage of all systems and this is really crucial information.

For instance, I will never know that this system under this group would have an average usage of 83 percent because by the time when I look at it, it's zero percent CPU Usage.

Jimmy: Exactly.

Edgar: But this report will keep track of all the spikes that are happening on your systems and you'd be able to send this on your email address. So you'll be able to provide customers with an extensive documentation of what actually happens with their systems.

Paul: And it's as easy as just start clicking from your app again and sending the email and it comes in formats to either yourself or to your clients' report.

Edgar: ... you can select ... to receive the report just for the systems for that particular client. A popular report that we actually have is the IP version four addresses which allows you to view all the IP addresses for all the systems which frees IP admins from their spreadsheets of all the IP address that comes ... particular site.

If you need to add another computer on the network, you need to consult with a spreadsheet and see which IP addresses are available on that network. From here, you just launch a report and see what the IP address is from ... systems I need to so.

Oh there's the IP dot 35 free. We can use that for that system. So you just use that IP address and the ... start showing up on the next report you generate. So it frees IP admins from all the paperwork they need to do just to make their lives a little more ...