Learn about Pulseway and who it’s for


Manage your IT environment from anywhere, using any device.

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Learn about Pulseway and who it’s for

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Edgar (Pulseway)

Jimmy: Hi and welcome back to another GetGuide brought to you GetApp. Today, I'm joined by Edgar and Paul who are both from the Pulseway team. Pulseway is an IT monitoring platform. Edgar, Paul. How are you?

Edgar: Hi, Jimmy.

Paul: Hi, Jimmy. I'm great.

Jimmy: Let's see. Off the bat, I'd like to know a little bit about what Pulseway does and who it's meant to help.

Edgar: Pulseway is a remote monitoring and management solution and what's unique about Pulseway is it's a mobile first approach. Every action you can perform, you can perform it directly from your mobile device from anywhere at anytime.
So if something goes wrong, you can react almost instantly and the solution is geared towards IT departments, IT administrators, IT consultants, manage service providers; anyone who needs to look after their IT environment.

Jimmy: Okay. How small can a company be to really consider using Pulseway to monitor their systems?

Edgar: It can be a one-man operation. Especially for a one-man operation, this is the helping hand that he needs because he will have all the system directly on his phone without needing to run to his computers to fix client issues or his own servers or workstations.

Jimmy: Okay. Great. So what are some examples that you can give me just briefly about a couple of things that come to your mind on how Pulseway has been able to help a specific user like in what ways has it concretely helped someone?

Paul: Right. So the easiest way to explain this thing will be the user is in a vacation. He leaves the systems already working. He receives a call that something's wrong with the systems like an Exchange Server going down. You can simply dive in through the Pulseway app from the mobile device, see which services are stopped, restart them and everything goes back online.
So first of all, he receives a notification on the mobile device that something was wrong like a service stopped, processes consuming too much memory or CPU; he can use the Pulseway app to restart the services and take action to resolve the problems. So Pulseway is like the Swiss Army knife to fix every IT problem.

Jimmy: This is great.

Edgar: From a lot of our clients, what they find very useful is that they don't have to sit at their desks 24 hours a day in order to proactively look after their IT environment.
For example, you and your spouse decide to go window shopping and you remember that you forgot to apply security update to one of your Windows systems, you just open up Pulseway app, select the forgotten system, scroll down and select the Windows update. It's just that simple.