Pulseway integration with Ninite


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Pulseway integration with Ninite

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Edgar (Pulseway)

Edgar: Alright. The next part would be the plugins where users can use the APIs we ... offer to extend the functionality of the agents. If for instance you would like to add something to Pulseway to integrate ... enterprise applications and it's not currently supported, you can have Pulseway offer this feature by using one of our ideas like creating plugins. We currently have over 30 plugins available on our community forums and all APIs are open source and highly supported on the forums and by the support team.

Paul: This is really the point where the user can really customize their Pulseway experience to their own liking.

Jimmy: What is some examples of users creating custom integrations with your API that you can highlight right now?

Edgar: We've had a really successful plugin for Ninite one which is a patch management solution and allows you to update third party applications like Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader and the TeamViewer and the ... and ...; third party applications like that.

You can ... a plugin which send you a notification whenever an updates was available. You were to tap on the notification, open the plugin and see that which application could be updated and what was the newer version; select which application you wanted to update and then click the Update button.

Then the plugin did all the rest. It downloaded the latest version of the applications, uninstall the previous version and install the newer version. All these is done by ...

Jimmy: That's great. You know, thinking about it in this situation where you can have about 300 different machines running, being able to do that across the lot, that has to save so many hours.

Paul: Exactly. That was one of reason why it was built because they usually built this plugin for themselves where they had about 300 systems and once they have the plugin, they said that they want to publish it on the Pulseway forums to help other users in need. So this one we are currently featured on the Ninite one as one of the many integrations.