Pulseway’s available system reports and mobile app security features


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Pulseway’s available system reports and mobile app security features

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Edgar (Pulseway)

Edgar: At this moment, all these reports are preconfigured; however, we are currently working on an HTML file web application which will allow you to customize and create reports on your needs so you'll be able to add your own log or rebrand your log for your reports and reorder all the elements from the reports.
So this is a feature we currently have on the world map [00:00:29]. At this moment, they are built in.

Jimmy: Okay. How many different reports, if we could just scroll through, I saw there were several.

Edgar: We have around 15 reports.

Jimmy: Yes. Those would cover a lot.

Edgar: Yes. We tried to cover a lot of cases. We do not overwhelm the application with too many useless reports which may come in use but they're not really that much used in the industry.
A lot of our customers were worried about the security of the mobile device so we added this feature to set up a PIN protection. If you were to open the application or send commands, we just set the PIN code. It will just send the PIN code to be requested at the application start-up and up the commands when they execute a command.
We'll just enable further commands and see what happens. [00:01:31] just System, scroll down here; we'll try to enter in the Maintenance Mode. [00:01:37] Maintenance Mode and then we'll be prompted for the PIN code.

Jimmy: Oh. This is great.

Edgar: Well preventing [00:01:44] that you leave your computer on the desk and have a colleague look at it, your system will still be protected.

Jimmy: This is great.

Edgar: On the iPhone 5 and upper, you have support for [00:01:58] as well so you won't even have to remember your pin.